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  1. How do you prepare the sunshine burger? I've never tried them but they sound good. Our dinner is in the crockpot: lamb shanks/potatoes/carrots/celery/carmelized onions cooking with merlot & chicken stock. Will add chunks of sweet potato later (so they don't melt).
  2. Everything sounds wonderful. Does the Braised Lamb Shanks use any tomato products? Dinner tonight is cooking in the crockpot. It's a chicken stew using boneless chicken thighs, mushrooms, red potatoes, sweet potato, onions, carrots, celery, chicken stock seasoned with fresh rosemary, salt&...
  3. Happy Anniversary! We celebrated our 12th anniversary tonight with turkey kale soup, mixed green salad, marinated chicken thighs (oregano, garlic powder, evoo, lemon juice), sweet potato fries, brown basmati rice, and gluten-free chocolate chip walnut brownies.
  4. Grilled chicken thighs (marinated in minced fresh garlic, fresh lemon juice, olive oil, and dried oregano); green salad and cucumbers with minced shallots, lemon juice, and olive oil; steamed broccoli; and brown basmati rice.
  5. For cooking at home, there are chinese rice noodles that are made from rice powder and water. They can be found fresh & soft or dried in packages in the market. They can be used like pasta or in a homemade stir-fry. For eating out, look into traditional Vietnamese food, they have dishes...
  6. Lentil soup; roasted chicken quarters seasoned with granulated garlic, s&p, & paprika; roasted asparagus; kale sauteed with garlic & onion.
  7. Roasted butternut squash soup (no diary); chopped green salad with diced cucumbers, shallots, feta cheese, cherry tomatoes, lemon juice, & evoo; turkey meatballs (meat mixed with turmeric, grated onion, s&p); lentil-carrot-sweet potato-green pea curry (using the crockpot); and roasted sweet...
  8. Sauteed onions, ground turkey and peas on top of brown rice with broccoli and brussels sprouts. Also making tapioca pudding from scratch using the recipe on the Kraft Minute Tapioca box.
  9. Both recipes look good. I was going to try a similar crockpot lamb (except with shanks) recipe but yours sounds better! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Potato and leek soup (used recipe from Mark Bittman's Vegetarian Cookbook); broiled turkey burgers with grated onion & tumeric; and steamed fresh green beans and carrots. Luckily, made enough soup for leftovers later this week.
  11. We had green salad with feta cheese and dressed with plain lemon juice; homemade lentil soup (onions, carrots, brown lentils, chicken stock, too much pepper according to hubby); Trader Joe's gluten-free mac & cheese; steamed carrots, cauliflower, & zucchini; and homemade tapioca pudding made...
  12. Yes, please, would love to see the recipe. Thank you in advance.
  13. One of Dr. Mary Shomon's books on the Thyroid pointed out that there could be a correlation between Hashimoto's & being gluten-intolerant and/or celiac. I elected to go gluten-free after being diagnosed with Hashimoto's in addition to having an enlarged thyroid that they wanted to take out or...