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  1. Imanistj

    Prometheus Came Back Negative!

    Good luck! I wish her all the best. Nancy
  2. Imanistj

    Prometheus Came Back Negative!

    Interesting that both you and I had bumbling doctors who got the gluten-free diet and the scoping out of sequence. I really wish I could sue my doctor for the stress and expense he caused me. I am not permanently damaged, except for my...
  3. Imanistj

    Prometheus Came Back Negative!

    Hi Momminda, I am a retired nurse, almost 66, and every day my nursing knowledge grows older. Pediatric medicine is often quite different from the treatment of adults. I hope you have found a really top notch pediatric department in...
  4. Imanistj

    Prometheus Came Back Negative!

    Form August until a few weeks ago I spent hours researching celiac disease. I am a retired Registered Nurse and I utilized professional journals in my search. I traveled to the Boston area and attended an excellent seminar put on by the...
  5. Imanistj

    Prometheus Came Back Negative!

    Hey, Jersyangel-- One good thing came of my six monthe as a celiac. I asked Sally at Nature Tyme to carry Udi's bread and she was working on it whan I went back on a regular diet. I emailed her to say I might not actually need the bread...
  6. Imanistj

    Prometheus Came Back Negative!

    Well, all I know is that Prometheus says I'm negative, I had duodenal biopsies taken twice, about six months apart in 2009 that are normal and I don't feel any different either on or off gluten. My false positives for lupus and autoimmune...
  7. I've been posting occasionally for the past two months as I ate tons of gluten and then waited for the celiac serum test to come back from Prometheus. Prior to that, I wrote mostly to moan because I could never adjust to the difference...
  8. It is likely that I have been misdiagnosed with celiac disease and I am now waiting for retesting results. This doctor used Prometheus Labs and I am very impatient waiting for the results. I had the blood drawn (in NY State) a week ago...
  9. Imanistj

    Meaning Of Various Colored Icons.

    Thanks Happygirl. Silly me--I should have known the color GREEN means a HOT topic! Guess it's green for growing and not red for hot.
  10. I haven't found an explanation for all the colored symbols on the left of the various topics and entries. I'm certain I have overlooked something but I am not good at adjusting to new software.
  11. Imanistj

    Coping With Tax Itemization.

    Raven, Here is a worksheet I found online. http://www.celiac.org/downloads/Tax%20Deduction%20Worksheet.pdf Nancy
  12. I couldn't decide exactly where to place this question and I hope this is OK. I hope some members claim the extra cost of gluten-free food on their income tax and can answer my question. I know the difference between gluten-free food...
  13. Udi's products and Bob's Red Mill chocolate cake mix. If I like it, it must be fabulous because I am super picky. I continue to eat gluten (gained 5 pounds ), LOVE all the stuff I am eating and don't feel any different when on or off...
  14. Imanistj

    New Format

    I saw nothing wrong with the old format and really would like to return to it. I find the new look distracting, too bright, and it takes me much longer to "zoom in" on something I am looking for. The new format is more colorful but for me...