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  1. knittingmonkey

    Meatloaf Help

    Add certified gluten-free oats in lieu of bread, and use less of them.
  2. knittingmonkey

    Christmas Cookie Advice

    Whenever you see instuctions to chill dough feel free to chill it up to a few days, as long as the dough does not get dried out. You may even freeze the dough. Doughs are chilled in order to make it easier to roll or form into a shape, and it makes it so the cookie doesn't spread so much while baking. Don't ever worry about leaving cookie dough in the fridge overnight, or even a whole day.
  3. Magnesium should be taken in a 2/1 ratio with calcium. Most supplements are at best 1/1. It's also every difficult to absorb by the body, especially when stomach acids aren't optimal. My personal choice for magnesium supplementation is topical "Magnesium Gel with Seaweed" from health-and-wisdom.com. It's a simple magnesium chloride, which is much more absorbable for the boday than magnesium sulphate (epsom salts). I brush my teeth with it and they are less transluscent now, like the enamel is becomng denser. I dress my hair with it and it's becoming thicker. I rub it in my spasmatic muscles and they relax, I paint my toenails with it and toenail fungus has disappeared, I put about an ounce is my foot bath and I sleep like a baby. It's an excellent facial treatment, like as a moisturizer, and it's (ahem) the most superior personal lubricant on the planet. Since I started supplementation I have never experienced constipation.
  4. knittingmonkey

    Gluten Or Not?

    Hmmm, monosodium GLUT-a-mate, makes me suspicious. Soy sauce most often contains wheat, if it doesn't, it costs quite a bit more. Usually, manufacturers watch their bottom-line and choose the cheaper choice. Some people think if an ingredient list doesn't list "wheat," or "wheat-(something)" that the product is gluten-free. Doesn't it make sense that at least some of these people would be involved in manufacturiing? Additionally; is the product made, blended and bottled on gluten-free dedicated equipment? In a gluten-free facility? If not, it's not gluten-free enough for me! "Gluten-free" on a label in the U.S. is voluntary. It's largely up to the manufacturer to determine and state what is in their product. I would not buy that product.
  5. knittingmonkey

    Only Celiac In My House

    Sometimes, yes I do. I learned last night that a really neat sister-in-law passed away suddenly in her sleep. I have time to take off of work, and it's only a 4-hour ride to the memorial. But family members will be getting together to eat... that's when it gets uncomfortable. I fret about how I'm supposed to explain celiac to my father-in-law when he can't even accept that I prefer to use sea salt at home? Mealtimes are the worst, and yet they are the times people are inclined to get together and share. My shared-food/celiac anxieties get to be too much. Most every day, I take it one day at a time.
  6. knittingmonkey

    Question For Magpie (And Anyone Else..)

    Oh Magpie, My own mother is toxic too. Seems fishy that nature would allow some people to become parents. Now she's developed dementia to boot, which makes it even more difficult to try to relate to her. And it's true, you write really well! In the end, your stories are uplifting.
  7. knittingmonkey

    Celiac And Parathyroid Glands

    Well, I THINK my mom has celiac. She has many symptoms, and while I urge her and her caretakers to test her for it, thinking it could help turn around the cycle of her discomfort, no one seems to act on my urging
  8. "Normal" is a setting on the dishwasher. Other than there, I've never witnessed "normal."
  9. Grains, legumes and potatoes are all toxic in their raw state. Grains are toxic to many animals; witness what happens to a grass-fed cow when they are penned so that grass-consumption is curbed and they are fed grains
  10. knittingmonkey

    Should I Do The Finger Poke?

    I'm grateful I had the test for celiac. Knowing how serious my intolerance is (immune system attack on small intestine), and what harm would come if I cheated on the diet (inability to digest nutrients for perhaps weeks) keeps me on the straight and narrow. When I merely suspected I had issues with gluten I probably wouldn't take it quite so seriously. I'd go out to eat more, be less careful about cross contamination... Nowadays one must be eating gluten in order to test positive for celiac disease, but I understand new tests are being developed for which that won't be necessary.
  11. knittingmonkey

    Onset Of Glutening Sx

    Yep, that's me.
  12. knittingmonkey

    Newbie- Help W/social Eating Situations

    You can't be too careful with cross-contamination issues. I tell gluten-people not to cook anything for me, EVER! There's no limit to the ways in which they could make a mistake. If they have a gluten-free product which is in an unopened package I might eat some. You won't be rude if you just say "No, thanks." You should never feel like you have to explain your reasons for not eating something. If you fell pressured to explain, THEY are being rude, just walk away. Eat a good meal before the party starts, and bring plenty of gluten-free food with you. I never eat anything a gluten-eater brings, But that's me, I'm just so unsure of their cooking practices and don't care to discuss them in a crowd. Assume it's all contaminated. Be alert for someone switching out your gluten-free spoon for one with gluten on it, or reaching into the butter or other spreadable with a gluteny knife. It really helps to be the first in line, and then don't return for seconds. Wrapping meat to cook on a gluteny grill may seem like a good idea, but I'm uncomfortable cooking with aluminum, especially when it's so fragile like foil is, I'd use parchment or skip the meat. I've developed a fondness for Kettle brand chips. There's a list on this website, of gluten-free products. Learn to recognise gluten in the ingredients lists on the side of packaged foods. Learn to cook your own stuff using fresh ingredients. Learn to divert people's attention away from you and your food habits. Good luck!
  13. knittingmonkey

    Got Glutened But Can't Figure Out From What

    Did you shred the cheese? Or was it shredded in the package? Often shredded cheese in packages has a light dusting of gluten, just to keep it free-flowing when taken out of the package. Manufactures often use this trick on frozen foods too.
  14. knittingmonkey

    Gluten Reactions

    I get a mysterious gurgling sound and sensation under my right rib cage about an hour or two after being glutened. My stomach gets sore. My mood falls and I seem to get pretty morose and tired, then after a day or more I get a terrible bout of diarrhea. I seem to have not ever broken out with DH, Vomiting is rare. No headaches. and no trouble breathing.
  15. knittingmonkey

    Corn Tortillas?

    I make my own corn tortillas usually, as often the ones in the store are made on the same machines as the wheat ones, and I react to that tiny bit of gluten. In the same vein; Corn contains lectins, as does all other grains, legumes (Including peanuts) and potatoes. These are very hard to digest. These are all foods that are pretty "new" to the human diet (last 10,000 years), becoming edible (non-toxic) after cooking (we had to have fire to cook and agricultural practices in place). Here's an interesting website with more information http://www.beyondveg.com/cordain-l/grains-leg/grains-legumes-1b.shtml Cutting way back on grains, legumes and potatoes has made me feel so much better.