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My husband and I live in South Florida. I am semi retired but am still in the teaching field as a substitute teacher. After graduating college, I was diagnosed as having Hashimoto Thyroiditis. Later on, I was told I had IBS. Recently, the symptoms have gotten much, much worse. I think now that instead of being diagnosed as having IBS, instead my ailments could be either celiac, gluten intolerance, SIBO or a combination. At this point - am still waiting for some kind of diagnosis.

My mother had some dietary bowel problems for years but she never discussed this with the family. When I was growing up, I do not believe that most people went to the doctor over bowel or food intolerance issues. Many thought that either they had a sensitive stomach or ate too much or had a food intolerance. In those days, people just avoided that which seemed to bother them. Now I wish I knew what ailed my mother - but she is no longer alive, having died at age 89 with whatever dietary problem she had during her lifetime.

  1. I hope this isn't too weird, but I just wanted to say that I can relate to a lot of your posts on here (the symptoms I'm still struggling with, seemingly endless intolerances). I have little answers, but it's nice to know I ain't the only one. Best of luck in figuring everything out! <3 Also, your avatar is awesome.

  2. It also could be the amount of rice being consumed. I have recently learned about the Low Fodmap Diet which does allow the consumption of grains during meals but it does say that the rule of thumb is to not have more than a half of cup to one cup (cooked) per meal. Sometimes that works. Try eating...
  3. My symptoms are mainly diarrhea, stomach gurgling, stomach ache (until I go to the bathroom) and sometime nausea. All of mine seem to be digestive related.
  4. What other intolerances do you find you have when you have a sensitive intestinal track? I find now that I have trouble with almonds, sometimes chocolate (even if it is gluten free), carrots, potatoes of all kinds, and fructose and high fructose. Are these sensitivites somehow related - when...