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  1. Hey Triple, I'm with you on the meds! I don't take much to begin with anyway, and am trying to take less even now. Basically, I just take a multi vitamin, and that's about it. I've read a LOT of people use Nature Made for vitamins. After doing a little reading on here, even though I know...
  2. I'm guessing it has something to do with this particular formulation. I've used other brands, and felt just fine with them. I stopped taking it the end of last week, and feel SO much better! I did a little digging on the company this weekend. I found that the FDA cited them in July 2011 for...
  3. So I've been taking a generic Omeprazole for the last couple of weeks, and have had two reactions from CC in that time. I've gone through everything I've eaten and taken, called manufacturers of meds...and the only conclusion I can come to is something, either CC or a binding agent, in the Omeprazole...
  4. Pork roll sandwiches, with rolls from Whole foods. And probably some salad, to make it feel a little more healthy!
  5. I had some of the same issues - particularly nocturnal panic attacks. Mine actually went away fairly quickly after going gluten free. But I did still have one minor attack a few weeks after going gluten-free. But since then, none. I know how scary that is, and that she probably wants it gone...
  6. My symptoms and the severity tend to depend on how much gluten. Like you said, I KNOW when I'm glutened. Usually there's a huge mood swing, or I'll get tired very suddenly, depending on the amount of gluten. Every time, I will get a pain in my stomach, which then will travel through my upper abdomen...