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    Dx via blood and biopsy April 2011, two kids dx at the same time
    Dx with Interstitial Cystitis April 2011
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  1. Hi all, haven't been on here in a few years, because all was well and celiac wasn't on my mind so much as when we were first diagnosed back in 2011. However, my son (13) is once again suffering, and I don't know what is up. About a year ago, he developed the same type of abdominal pains he initially...
  2. The hiatal hernia may very likely be responsible for your bad breath- basically it is letting all of those nasty gut chemicals be expelled through your mouth. Yummy. Depending on when and what you have eaten may affect why your doctor said it was not halitosis. Anyway, a few recommendations... ...
  3. Been there, done that! Lindy used to be my favorite. Personally, I have less of a reaction to Barley, you may get lucky!
  4. Definitely! I was un diagnosed at the time, but had celiac since childhood. With my first baby, she would scream after every nursing, I finally narrowed it down to my eating dairy. When I avoided it, she was fine. She is 13 now, also celiac, and reacts to casein with eczema, edema, fatigue and ADHD...
  5. I have IC as well. For me, I had to cut out gluten and dairy to get relief- but everyone is different. It has been almost a year and a half since dx, and I am generally pain and spasm free, unless I cheat with dairy. Then I pay for it for several days. The bladder relief was very gradual, so I...
  6. My dd and I both react with puking as well. So miserable at the time, but it does seem to make the stomach issues pass over quicker at least!
  7. Again, I am sorry for misreading your post and thinking you cheated! As for gluten-free pizza- I use Gluten Free Pantry french bread/pizza mix. It makes a decent crust and I pile on yummy toppings. It isn't as good as Pizza Hut, but the kids gobble it up and it definitely satisfies the "pizza...
  8. Just want to apologize- I misread your post and thought you were cheating on the gluten-free diet- hence my not so kind tone. Now I see you meant "cheating" by eating some processed foods- but gluten free ones. Which should be fine but still make you sick. I am so sorry. I have little patience...
  9. I think we all can relate. Sometimes it IS just so frustrating because it seems like life revolves around food! But you HAVE to change your attitude. And you HAVE to stop cheating! How can you expect others to take your diet seriously if you don't? If you are cheating, then you are treating...
  10. Well- I ASPIRE to be, does that help? I was running a lot (30-40 miles a week) until 2 yrs ago when major anemia sidelined me. (Thank you celiac.) Now that I am feeling better than ever I have just started running again, and am planning on a couple 1/2 marathons this summer. Just started the Paleo...
  11. "Oh honey, you don't want Celiac Disease. You can't have bread!" Oh, well then I guess I don't have it. Never mind this biopsy report....Duh.
  12. So I finally heard back from the company...sort of. makes me wonder if a real person even READS the emails? They are treating it like a complaint! Argh. I just want to know their processing procedure. Anyway...this is what they said: In response to your email regarding M&M'S PEANUT BUTTER...
  13. No problems with dyes or peanuts ever- so I am going to email the company as suggested. I will let you know what I hear back!
  14. Everything I have read says they are gluten free. But this is twice in a row now that I have gotten sick within minutes of finishing a bag. Last time I thought it was a fluke. This time, my celiac son and I were munching them in the car, and by the time we got into the store, we both had to go running...