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  1. The server might have also handled hot dog buns or something else that cross contaminated the chips
  2. For me everything buyt the bloating started healing quickly. My migraines and bleeding disordere were gone within several...
  3. Have you heard the rumor that you should not drink from a plastic water bottle after it got hot? Supposedly a substance...
  4. In order of the worst symptoms: soy, peanuts (both legumes so I hesitant to try other legumes), eggs, dairy.
  5. Could have been the carrageenan (thickening agent) in the almond milk or the potato. Patatoes are members of the nightshade...
  6. Austin Guy

    Rudy's Not Gluten Free

    I eat at Rudy's amd fine if I eat only the meat. Can't do the slaw as it contains eggs and can't do the sauce as it...
  7. I can't remember the university, but there was a study done about how long allergens transfer via saliva after eating...
  8. Austin Guy

    Ignorant Pharmacist

    For drug info check out DailyMed.
  9. Have you heard of steatorrhea? It is excessive fat in the stool. I experienced a lot of that before going gluten free...
  10. Austin Guy

    Nose Bleeds

    Did you also bruise easily and have you experienced tiny, pin prick like bruises? I had both along with nosebleeds pro...
  11. Austin Guy

    Reaction To Omega 3 Capsules

    I had a problem with tuna and fish oil capsules. It turns out that most canned fish and meats contain broth which contains...
  12. Anyone know where I can buy bulk amaranth that is not just gluten free, but also not processed on lines that process...
  13. Austin Guy

    Starbucks Can Kiss My ....

    I got sick after having a Starbucks coffee. I think the girl putting the lid on my cup contaminated it after having...
  14. Austin Guy

    Meat Allergy Caused By Tick Bite

    I recently found myself getting digestive problems after eating venison, then I noticed it after eating beef. I found...
  15. Austin Guy


    I find alcohol to be very irritating to my digestive system so I stay away from it. It fires up the leaky gut very quickly...