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  1. I had all the symptoms of coeliac but blood is neg. I have brain fog, aches and pains, lethargy, constipation, bloated...
  2. Mummyto3

    Cooking For Non Celiac's

    Agreed, you shouldn't use same oil you used for gluten to cook gluten free food. Can't see the harm if its the other...
  3. I haven't been on in ages because I just get a grey block instead of the forums. I'm really surprised to be on here...
  4. I've found out a family memeber had UC and now I'm wondering whether UC and celiac disease tend to go together. Has...
  5. Its an easy test to take. But she needs to be on gluten to be able to get a proper diagnosis x
  6. Mummyto3

    Any Connection To Celiac And Urinary Urgency?

    I would check for urine infections. There are some kids with small bladders and some with large (my daughter), so it...
  7. Mummyto3

    Testing 6 And 7 Yr Old

    Considering that this disease attacks the intestine and can make kids feel very poorly, I would get your kids tested...
  8. Mummyto3

    Negitive Blood Test Now What?

    I'd report her! She was completely unprofessional in my opinion. I would also seek a second opinion, you're entitled...
  9. Mummyto3

    Any Side Effects After Going Gluten-Free?

    We're now on day 4 and I haven't seen any improvement with behaviour. Praying it won't be long x
  10. Mummyto3

    Up All Night With Child

    Could she be constipated? My daughter gets bad tummy pains and she is still constipated despite her laxatives.
  11. We're on day 3 of my daughter being gluten-free. I thought I read somewhere about withdrawal symtoms from gluten, so...
  12. I was just going to ask this question. I get the same. Its so frustrating!
  13. Mummyto3

    Girls Blood Tested Positive

    Hi, My daughter tested positive with bloods last month and biopsy today. My hubby and I are neg and my boys were...
  14. Mummyto3

    Epiglottic Swelling After Endoscopy

    Thanks. Its still sore but she's managing to eat all right now
  15. Mummyto3

    Biopsy Results Back

    Proved positive for coeliac. So there's the gold standard they were after. Dietician rang minutes before to ask what...