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  1. lol, my hubby and I use BubbleGirl too. When I'm making dinner, I hold at least one thoroughly washed hand up as if I...
  2. You should put that in a song and play it on your guitar!
  3. Oh yeah, I get that too. Whenever I get glutened, at some point I will also be menstruating since my symptoms tend to...
  4. Too funny! I haven't seen Cloverfield yet, but isn't it funny how gluten is like a horror movie? I literally have nightmares...
  5. Harpgirl

    Fad Dieters

  6. Harpgirl

    Fad Dieters

    Thanks Yeah, I see it as poison too. So sorry you have the response to gluten that you do! My hubby is from Kansas...
  7. Harpgirl

    Fad Dieters

    Actually I went gluten free after my blood was drawn. The results came back a month later as negative for celiac. My...
  8. I've been suffering from gluten exposure recently and because I don't "look sick," I started coming up with ways to describe...
  9. Harpgirl

    Fad Dieters

    My grandma is diagnosed with celiac disease. She "cheats" all the time. She was diagnosed in the early 90's and I don...
  10. Harpgirl

    I Have A Life Again

    good words! I get too stressed myself over food. Holidays are the worst. I think I need to read your post here during...
  11. Harpgirl

    Need A Little Help If Possible.

    There are liners that are designed for the crockpot. They are meant to reduce clean up, but if you feel you might get...
  12. Harpgirl

    Symptoms But Eating gluten-free

    I make sure I have plenty of gluten free bars with me. Also, having a variety of bars helps because eating the same bars...
  13. Harpgirl

    Learning To Live Gluten Free

    Still, with any place, you have to be careful. I'm currently suffering from cross-contamination from Five Guys. I knew...
  14. I've had family who had nothing to cut up fruits and veggies on except a wooden board. I've had them cover it in wax...