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  1. Welcome! I definitely noticed a link between gluten and my periods, but I didn't have the hot flashes. I hope that gets resolved for you! Like some others here, my periods got worse; they were much more painful, heavier bleeds for longer times. I remember one period that lasted almost 2 weeks. I...
  2. I did that with our garage door. My heart was racing and I just felt so sick to my stomach that I would leave for the day and forget to close the garage. Sure enough, when I got home, it was closed.
  3. I do have mild OCD tendencies. I haven't noticed much difference yet though. But then again, I keep accidentally getting glutened. I've mostly only noticed digestive relief. I too recently had surgery. 2 c-sections and a second arthroscopy shortly after. I'm with you, I think my trouble...
  4. Well, no wonder! I've been munching on the Halls for a cough, but I ran out so I switched to a generic brand today because they were in the cabinet. I didn't even think that "flavoring" would be questionable. I thought that maybe my kids cc'd me again today, though I was trying to be so careful...