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  1. The guard is technically correct to take away your sandwich. Sandwiches are specifically mentioned in the list of food...
  2. sariesue

    It's Unfair

    Honestly, if celiac and tourettes are the worst genetic disorders that you could pass to your future children then you...
  3. sariesue

    Beware B Vitamin Toxicity!

    Personally, I really HATE reading posts like this because they could actually harm someone if they actually have vitamin...
  4. sariesue

    Regarding Groceries And $$....

    Well, if you are looking to cut down food expenses stop buying salmon regularly. At least where I live salmon is almost...
  5. sariesue

    Still So Fatigued...

    I don't know but, I know for b12 the lower end of normal can be quite different depending on what country you live in...
  6. sariesue

    Supervisor Problem

    If he is insisting that you not bring your own food then I wouldn't bring food because to do so appears would really...
  7. There should be no reason why your dr has to work to get you in to see a neurologist. It's really a simple process, the...
  8. sariesue

    Itemized Deductions For Celiacs

    I think that if you only use the 1$ crappy bread as your base price for bread to get the most out of the deduction you...
  9. sariesue

    Hair Strand Allergy Test Results

    Before starting such a limited diet, I would DEMAND having a widely used and accepted food allergy testing done. In the...
  10. sariesue

    Advice On Learning To Let Go?

    They actually are taking ownership of providing safe food by saying that they cannot guarantee that their food is gluten...
  11. I've never used sourgum flour before. Is it hard to find?
  12. sariesue

    Going Downhill Fast

    Were the xrays of your teeth or of your whole head. Not everything can be seen with the bite wing xrays that dentists...
  13. So far my attempts at baking gluten free cookies have not been huge sucesses. My last batch was was edible, but very...
  14. sariesue

    Going Downhill Fast

    You need to go to a dr ASAP. Your health isn't something you can just say you "can't afford" to take care of. Plus, if...
  15. sariesue

    I'm Just Making Sure We All Like Red Robin

    As a server in the restaurant industry I really dislike this comment. It is not a restaurant's fault that you did not...