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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. It's been a while since I've been here. I forgot my user ID... go figure! Anywho, I glutened myself not once, but twice this weekend! It has been a long time since I have done that!! Now, I have a bladder infection. Or so I think. I can't get into a doctor until tomorrow afternoon!! Everyone is sick here in Wisconsin I guess! My DH went to Walgreens and bought Uristat for the symptoms until I can get to the dr. I took two, they looked safe, and now.... well let's say... I STINK!!! And that is putting it nicely! I know there is a list of safe meds. I think I have downloaded it before, but I still can't find it. I think I am still in brain fog mode from this weekend! Wow, I just reread what I wrote and it is babble.... Can anyone help if Uristat is gluten-free or give me the link to that gluten-free medicine list. I can't even think of the site that it comes from!!! HELP!!! I am going to pass out in my stink now! Nighty Nite!! Angi
  3. I went grocery shopping yesterday and saw banana chips out with the fresh peanut butter. That just sounds sooo yummy to me!! I didn't get any because I didn't know if the banana chips were safe though. Good question!!
  4. Mine isn't so exciting. I couldn't figure out what our username should be for a certain something so I came up with jams and our last name. J is for my son Josh, A is for me, M is for my dd Megan, and S is for dh Shawn. It was the only thing I could figure out at the time and it has just stuck!!
  5. The Poopie List

    OMG!! I think I just did a laughing pee!!! I don't usually laugh out loud, but my husband is in the other room laughing at me because I was laughing so hard!! Leave it to us Celiacs to find it so funny!!!
  6. I just had my kids HLA tested through the dr. My insurance paid th 90% they should have. My dr was little worried that they might not cover, but they did. It was $297 per kid (2kids) and I have to pay $25.82. They sent it to Quest in Chicago.
  7. I am glad to see this post!! I was just invited to a "Juice Plus Party". My neighbor's mom sells it. It is this Monday night. I was afraid to go because of so many vitimans having gluten. My neighbor swears by it and is convinced that it will help me. I am glad that she is thinking of me, but at the same time, it is hard to explain the details of it when people don't want to know. I'll just play it by ear I guess!!
  8. I am a little confused... What does entrolab test for that the regular dr doesn't? Is it supposed to be more detailed? I don't mean to sound so clueless, but I am!! I had a postive diagnosis without knowing we were looking. So, if the kids antibodies show up negitive, doesn't that mean they are fine? I asked my dr if we could test every year and he seemed to think that was a bit of overkill. I would rather have them tested every year and know they are good. One concern of his (dr) was the costs of testing. We are not by any means weathly, but can you really put a price on your childs life?? I said I didn't care what I had to pay, just test them!!! I'll have to find the website for entrolab and research more after I get my glasses repaired!!
  9. I had Megan tested this month and is neg. Josh was tested last November and neg. I just have heard so many conflicting stories that I thought I'd put it out here and see what others are doing. I am a little crazy when it comes to my kids. I over react a lot!!! At least I know it though!!
  10. I just got the call that both of my kids carry the DQ2 gene. I have read that 95% of celiacs carry this gene. Does anyone have any other information? My glasses are broken so it is hard for me to read all of the jibberish lingo on the web sites. Also, for those in this situation, should I ask to have them tested annually, everyother year, or every 5 years? I have read different info on that too. Both of my kids show a few signs, but it could just be me being over protective too!!! Any advice???
  11. Hmmm... I was guessing that it would be viewed as though at such a big festival they were serving gluten free beer and it was the same price as regular beer. Those that know gluten-free beer at the store, it is a lot more money than regular. Yes, I did see the article.
  12. Very interesting... I just had a ct scan 2 days ago for kidney pain. They took my gallbladder out and thought it was maybe the pylop on that that was causing the pain. It is a dull nagging pain on the right side. I have had it for 2 years and I am gluten free. I won't get the results until Monday.
  13. It is Summerfest time again...It is a huge outdoor music festival here in Milwaukee. It is sooooo much fun to walk around and see all of the bands and dance and eat (I can only get corn on the cob) and drink!! It is Miller country here, or should I say beer country here!!?? We were walking past the Lakefront Brewery stand and there was the NEW GRIST sign!! I drank a cold, tap beer!!! Everyone I was with kept laughing at me because I was so excited!! It was the same price as the other beer too!! I kept telling them thank you and could you please bring this back next year. If anyone is interested in seeing how big of a festival this is, just visit www.summerfest.com. We went to Tom Petty/Pearl Jam on the "pay" stage. All of the other acts were included in the admission price. How exciting for us!!!
  14. What exactly is casein? It seems to be lactose related?? I have been having many of these symptoms too. Is this something else to get tested for or is it a trial and error thing? Thanks!!
  15. I have ordered from Silly Yak before. I live about 1hr from there. When my son has soccer tournaments in Madison, it is only 10 minutes away. They have great gluten-free items. I love the apple cinnamon bread. Also, I am not sure if they send out orders, but Molly's Gluten Free Bakery in Delafield, Wi is great too!!
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