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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/24/2018

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  1. I was diagnosed 2 years ago (this week actually) and I recently read an article that someone with celiacs ahold receive more medical follow up (in a nut shell) I haven't had any follow up since my blood test diagnosis (my son had a positive biopsy so I opted out being as I had a positive blood test and was super symptomatic), I'm wondering if there are things I should be following up on? I am fairly confident my diet is on track, still struggling with finding soaps and things I can use without breaking out but other than that I feel okay.
  2. Feeling Discouraged...

    I got pregnant 2 months after going gluten free (January of this year) miscarried in February and got pregnant again in July. I'm just about 26 weeks now. We did almost 4 years of fertility treatments with no results, diagnosed and within months I was pregnant with zero help. It takes time for your body to really heal. Hang in there =)
  3. I have 2 beautiful children and one on the way. They were both born before I was diagnosed and both have celiacs as well.
  4. I'm Terrified Of This Dx... :(

    Was diagnosed with pcos about 2 years ago due to infertility. I never felt it was right and kept looking, was blood test diagnosed last November (also have a family history so opted to skip the biopsy) went gluten free and got pregnant in January with zero fertility assistance (miscarried) and am pregnant again 4 months later. Gluten messes with everything....you will be amazed the difference. Happy healing and keep your chin up, you are not alone. Hugs! Jess
  5. Ttc

    I wanted to update my previous comment to state it absolutely causes fertility problems..... We did 10 cycles of fertility meds with zero success. When I got diagnosed and went gluten free I got pregnant the first month we tried literally "trying" once (hubby had just had back surgery) we miscarried at 9 weeks in march. I just found out I am pregnant again (wow that sounds crazy seeing it out loud).... Absolutely without a doubt gluten caused the problem. Pinkscooby6, how long have you been gluten free? I have long cycles and the endocrinologist I used to see recommends doing a month of birth control and 3 months off. Its suppose to help regulate your cycles.
  6. I have a sign on the door that says "gluten free home please no outside foods". Everyone's been fine with that and I run a daycare =)
  7. 6 Months Gluten Free 35Lbs Lost

    Dont blame yourself for her choices or think for a second you did anything wrong by not knowing sooner, if someone is going to cheat nothing is going to change that. I'm so happy to read your posts they are very encouraging for others who have gone along the same path as you. I totally get the whole bloated thing, I'm considered slim (others say it anyway I don't really see it) but dear god do I look pregnant if gluten sneaks in and let me tell you no woman wants that when they aren't expecting lol! I enjoy being one of the few in my crowd of friends who watches what they eat and ya I count calories to lol, it still shocks me how some people use that as an opportunity to make fun of me. If I hear one more time "you're so skinny you don't need to watch what you eat" I'm pretty sure I will vomit. I'm healthy cause I watch what I eat geez! Keep up the great work! And I appreciate the motivation....the gym and I need some bonding time I've been slacking Jessica =)
  8. Hair!

    I definitely need to do something my hair is falling out like crazy and it's starting to make me super sad =(
  9. My 9 year old just had repeat labs after 6 months on the diet and he was in the normal range on everything
  10. Could Use Some Positive Words....

    Yep I've had everything tested and my vitamin levels looked great! My doctor thinks either my progesterone levels weren't high enough or there was something wrong with the baby. It all happened very fast....ultrasound on Monday showed a heartbeat, woke up Wednesday went to the bathroom and passed all the tissue felt great by Sunday. Left my head spinning for awhile. I'm just hoping it doesn't take another 2 years to get pregnant, I dont have that long to wait.
  11. Could Use Some Positive Words....

    I was worried for a second lol! I've waiting so long already =(
  12. Could Use Some Positive Words....

    I have no reason to wait 6 months to try again, I'm very healthy and on a super controlled diet. Working from home makes life much easier and we have a completely gluten free home. I feel so much better and my body is healing very rapidly. Just wish I knew what I was suppose to do and getting pregnant isnt something we can just let happen. My husband has a bad back and has had multiple surgeries in the last 5 years. Feel like so much pressure on that end. Ahhhh!!!! That's how I feel right now.
  13. I'm so down in the dumbs right now about getting pregnant again. After over 2 years of trying with fertility meds I went gluten free after a very positive blood test for celiacs in November. Got pregnant in January and miscarried in march. This is our second month trying and I just feel so negative about it. I feel like I missed my chance and I know I didn't do anything wrong but.....well you know how the what if game is. And I'm so sick of hearing well everything happens for a reason or quit trying and it will happen.....I know people don't know what to say and I try to not get upset but it's not comforting lol. I don't know if we continue trying or if I except the fact that this is just the way god wants it. I was just starting to feel closure with the whole thing when that stupid test had to have 2 lines. Sigh! If anyone has any advice or motivational stories Im all ears....well eyes.
  14. Ttc

    We did 10 cycles of fertility meds....diagnosed with celiacs in November and accidently got pregnant in January (didn't stick). Can I say without a doubt celiacs caused fertility issues...no but seems like it affected something Good luck
  15. Anyone Trying This Month?

    Thanks me too. Seems like a very long road without an end in sight at times. Keep us posted =)