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  1. Just jumping in with a little note about King Arthur's flour which you mentioned being nervous about. Not sure if you are oats sensitive but if so, this is not the flour for you as they process oats in the same facility as their flour.
  2. B12 has apparently helped people here with neuro symptoms like you're describing. It is very likely you do have vitamin deficiencies and that that is the cause. Make sure you are taking high quality gluten-free supplements and try including a B12 in there. Good luck!
  3. Oh, no worries! I am already an ex-smoker (thank GOD I don't have to tackle that! Only once in an lifetime please). But even back when I was a smoker, cigar smoke would make me come close to vomiting within minutes, with the cold sweat and everything. Never had any ideas why that would be, until...
  4. Good lord, are cigarettes the same? I ask because cigarette smoke has never been a problem for me whereas I get very ill quickly from cigar smoke. Interesting stuff...