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  1. laurelfla


    You may already know this, but I got this on the CELIAC digest listserv today: "The new base mix for light Frappuccinos now includes gluten" [url="http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/coffeecity/2011829401_new_frappuccino_recipe_deletes.html"]Blog post[/url]
  2. hi

    I was just looking for more gluten-free people in Gainesville, FL and found that you were interested in getting a group together on a forum.

  3. I was in Greenville last week and the server at Lemongrass (Thai restaurant) identified gluten free dishes on their menu. She mentioned having some ladies who eat lunch there that must also follow the diet. My massaman curry was awesome! At Pomegranate on Main the server also identified gluten...
  4. Just wanted to throw my two cents in. My husband has this and all his life he thought they were bites. He was just diagnosed a few months ago. He, too, got the topical cream which has helped a lot, because his are supremely itchy. They are on his thighs, calves, feet and knuckles when he has them...
  5. Baptist Medical Center (downtown) 800 Prudential Dr Jacksonville, FL 32207 2-4pm
  6. Come one, come all to the initial meeting of the Jacksonville, FL Gluten-Free Support Group this Saturday from 2-4pm at Baptist Hospital downtown. There will be some food to munch on as we introduce...
  7. it's nothing serious... and after all, i've always been kind of clumsy. but i swear it's reached a new level. i just slammed my right leg into the fridge on my way to the laundry room and then i decided i would post about this and see if anyone has this problem too. it's not just getting tripped...
  8. the turkey chili has oatmeal. what the crap?! i was upset when i read that in the ingredients. we always made our chili dogs with it.
  9. i use country life -- says on the bottle "NO: yeast, wheat, soy, gluten, milk, salt, sugar, starch, preservatives or artificial color." it also has folic acid in it, and it tastes like cherry!
  10. i just went to our county fair a couple of weeks ago. it was so much fun! i didn't cry over not being able to eat a funnel cake, like i'd thought i might... but i sure do wish i'd been able to try a fried twinkie. they also had fried oreos. i'd never heard of either. they should probably call...