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  1. laurelfla

    Hattiesburg, Mississippi

    Another place to add to the list: Jutamas Thai Restaurant 910 Timothy Ln (601) 584-8583 I ate there a couple of weeks ago. The server told me they could do anything on the menu gluten free! They have a separate gluten-free stir-fry sauce. I went with a safe option, regardless: the green curry. It was delicious, well-priced, and I didn't feel sick at all anytime afterward. I also ate the mango sticky rice dessert, which was beautifully presented.
  2. laurelfla

    Hattiesburg, Mississippi

    Hi, Tim - So glad that your son's diagnosis has enabled him to stay out of the hospital! I have only lived here for three years, but I can tell a difference in the number of gluten-free products Hattiesburg is stocking. Hope you will post if you have had some good gluten-free dining experiences here in town, too!
  3. laurelfla

    Hattiesburg, Mississippi

    Ack! I am just now seeing this! I thought I had logged in fairly recently, but that does not seem to be the case! Thank you for posting this. How was that pizza? Thank you so much.
  4. laurelfla

    Hattiesburg, Mississippi

    Ate again at Crescent City Grill last night and had another knowledgeable server. I had the shrimp and grits and it was divine! The ranch salad dressing was good too. They are pretty good at handling the diet. I have eaten at The Depot downtown for lunch. They willlingly checked lots of things. I had the tomato basil soup -- my Celiac sister has had the salad with the goat cheese -- can't remember the name. This is a fun, friendly place to eat.
  5. Just called up Community Coffee since I got a free cup of something flavored, and the rep told me without hesitation that all their flavored coffee is gluten free. Hope this helps someone!
  6. Welcome, Alis! You are so lucky to have such a great pizza place! I'm jealous. Just wanted to say hi and hope you find this forum as useful as I did when I was diagnosed (and it still helps!).
  7. I agree with Marlie--do a blood test on your son, since he is showing symptoms of something. I am so glad that my sister got tested after I had been diagnosed--her biospy showed more damage to the small intestine than I had, and she got a whole new life by going gluten-free!
  8. I also had never heard of Celiac. I got a biopsy fairly quickly. They called me with the results two weeks later. I don't remember any of the procedure, just wanting Coca-Cola after it was over and loopily telling my mom I loved her! Try to get some rest tonight and know that this forum is an incredible resource, full of people who care and will help you out at any time!
  9. laurelfla

    Anyone In Florida?

    jparsick84, you don't have to be that paranoid in my opinion -- of course, we all have differing levels of sensitivity and you will hear of people that do not worry about such things and people that would never dream of kissing someone who had had a beer. I make my husband rinse his mouth out after beer, and brush his teeth after eating gluten. I haven't ever gotten sick from kissing him.
  10. laurelfla

    Hattiesburg, Mississippi

    Update on where to shop: All the above mentioned places have expanded their selections -- particularly New Yokel and both Corner Market locations. Vitamins Plus will do special orders.
  11. laurelfla

    Hattiesburg, Mississippi

    The Nam-Sod appetizer (cabbage leaves, ground pork and spices) appears to be gluten-free as well. I've eaten it twice and love it!
  12. laurelfla

    So Overwhelmed!

    Just wanted to wish you well on the dr.'s appointment tomorrow! This is a wonderful place for support and I am glad you found it. My symptoms were not earth-shattering, and sometimes I still say I think this disease is made up but I don't cheat... the word "cancer" is enough to scare me, and I've found ways to cope. I did start with therapy though! Let us know how it goes.
  13. Dear Sarah, As you can tell, we all have different opinions on the matter, and it is one of those things where you have to decide your own level of comfort. I personally only eat products with a processing warning now and then. In other words, there is nothing that I eat on a daily basis that has a cross-contamination warning. You are right, though -- the labeling is frustrating and there's no way to truly know what the risks are, since some companies will tell you exactly what you need to know, and others will simply issue a CYA statement.
  14. laurelfla

    Need To Vent About Family

    Just wanted to say hang in there! And I am so glad that you are feeling better after all you have been through. And remember, just because tests come back negative does not mean your system isn't better off without gluten. As far as the gluten-free packaged stuff, I think there is a place for that. When you have to cut out so many things you are used to, I think it's okay to pamper yourself and have some fun products to try now and then! And as far as the cost, is he counting pennies? I'm sure there's a way to accommodate buying some new stuff by trimming back in other areas, and as someone else above said, it's your health -- the $$ is secondary!