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    organic gardening, herbs, veggies, primitive skillz, nature, animals, trees and beauty.
  1. I have gotten deathly ill from kissing guys without asking them to brush. - And now i am so sick from it, I am scared to kiss anyone because brushing does not get it all out, so it needs time to digest and get out of their mouth if you are going to be kissing in any passionate way. I read the article a while back about the peanut allergy and kissing, and I wish they would do more studies about how long it takes to get gluten out of one's mouth. It makes for a very restrictive and difficult social life - especially if you are single or getting into new relationships. most guys find the whole
  2. Has anyone tried SIMPLY ORGANIC spices by frontier? I tried their cinnamon and I did not get sick.... which is a miracle! lol...... thanks for ya'lls replies!
  3. I am looking for some safe brands of organic spices to eat. I try to grow almost all my own herbs, but growing certain spices is not possible in the climate i live in- like cinnamon! I would love to have ya'lls advice first, before just testing out different brands on my body! I recently got gluten'ed by some olive oil (what the hec!) and have been sick for 2 weeks, so i am needing to be extremely careful. As with all products these days it seems many companies are not being honest with their labels - or are not aware of how important the gluten free label is to those with celiac (even tho
  4. hello! I was diagnosed with celiac disease 11 years ago. I have used this forum often to see which products are safe... but i like to grow my own food to keep myself most healthy.

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