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I'm a 30 year old professional writer struggling with gluten intolerance. Created my own website called allergyfighters to spread information about food and other allergies. Hope to increase awareness and acceptance of these conditions.

  1. all sounds so yummie. im getting hungry. gonna browse for something good
  2. I tried a simple pesto chicken recipe with rice tonight. It was pretty good actually. Going to make it more often. I really really like the taste of pesto. recipe
  3. daily short excercise is improving my overall health. if you can manage it i would recommend it. daily short dosages are better and easier to maintain then more irregular and or longer excercising. i workout sometimes but do a lot of running because it's so extremely convenient. i get out the door...
  4. "After said test, I'm going to buy him a toothbrush and toothpaste as a way to inform him that he needs to brush after meals." Probably better to communicate with him more directly. We aren't so great with hints