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  1. Based on US food labeling laws, products manufactored on or after Jan 1, 2006 will label Wheat in plain english. This also applies to all 8 common allergens: milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, and soy. BUT the problem for celiacs is that Rye and Barley are not required to be labeled, and *could* be hidden in Natural Flavors. Typically you will see barley as "malt" or "malt flavoring" and rye isn't used all that much. In short, Natural Flavors can still be a problem due to rye barley and oats. To be 100% sure you need to contact the company that manufactures the prod
  2. Wow, keep us informed! This is typical of social security, it takes at least 2 denials, then an attorney (at your expense) to get any $$ out of the gov't for social security disability. What kinds of symptoms do you have that your neurologists feel so strongly about? I haven't had many noticeable cognitive issues, mine seem to be all physical... My biggest problem is my arthritis and fibro. I am a computer scientist and all my training, education, and expierence is in the computer industry. Well, it hurts to type, and it is getting worse.
  3. I've never been asked about disability status before. It was mentioned before that the US Military does consider Celiac a disability. Those with celiac cannot be put into "unfreindly" sittuations. e.g. Iraq...how would they safely feed you?? As far as general. I believe it to be a disability, someone did call the ADA once and they got a yes answer. Here is the ADA definition of a disability: Reference: http://www.ada.gov/q%26aeng02.htm Note that the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to employment. Personally I think celiac qualifies. It does impair my life activities,
  4. There may be more, but for these I know that they are gluten and dairy free. Pillsbury "Creamy Supreme" Frosting Vanilla - UPC: 51500 76080 Chocolate - UPC: 51500-76050 Pillsbury tells me that they are gluten and dairy free. I cannot recall if they are on dedicated lines or not, but for such a common flavor sold all over the USA I can't imagine they wouldn't have dedicated lines...but check it out for yourself!! 1-800-767-4466 My sons and I have not yet had a reaction to these and we've been eating them for about 6 months now! (I hope I didn't just jinx myself!)
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