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  1. I work in downtown Cleveland OH, around public square and have trouble finding any place to eat. I only know of two places that have or can make food that is gluten-free and DF. They are Au Bon Pain at 600 Superior, and Portcellis Bistro at 1852 East 6th Street. Does anyone know of any other restaurants in downtown Cleveland, preferably close to public square that offer gluten-free, and DF choices? Thanks! Michael
  2. I've been gluten-free for several years now. The last time I got sick was Christmas eve I think it was 3 years ago. Today, I accidentally ate my wife's leftovers which had Boca Burger in it (Contains Wheat gluten as the 3rd ingredient). I forced myself to vomit about 45 minutes later, but after looking into it, that probably didn't do much more then take 50% to 60% of the food out of me. I was waiting for me reaction to start - it's always been like clockwork. it starts 2-3 hours after ingestion. it's now been 9 hours - and nothing. No reaction at all. I'm absolutely flabbergasted!! I've always been very very very sensitive to gluten since I started getting sick..to have no reaction at all is freaking me out! Has anyone ever had this happen several years after going gluten-free, and not have ANY symptoms after ingesting gluten????
  3. Wrigley is typically good at ingredient labeling. The ingredients for this product are: Semisweet chocolate (suger, cocoa liquor processed with alkali, cocoa butter, soy (lecithin, natural vanilla flavor),sugar, natural and artificial flavors, acacia, gelatin, confectioner's glaze, corn syrup, and modified corn starch. It does contain the warning; "Made on equipment that also processes peanuts, tree nuts, milk, and wheat. My understanding of Wrigley is that they label very well, and they have strict equipment cleaning policies/procedures. There is a myriad of products that many of us consume that are processed on shared equipment - particularly when we eat at restaurants (I only visit four myself). My question isn't that of risk - I understand that - my question is if anyone out there eats these particular altoids (Dark Chocolate Dipped Creme De Menthe) and if so, has anyone had any reactions or problems with them?
  4. Look for EREWOHN cereals. They make a great "rice Krispies" alternative that is gluten-free and Nut free, and they just brought out a gluten-free, nut free corn flake cereal!! I order them from Amazon...
  5. All I've been able to do is to purchase gluten-free egg roll wraps and make my own. And no, they are nothing like what I used to enjoy from Chinese restaurants...
  6. The current standards FAILED to dx Celiac in me. All my biopsies were neg. My blood tests showed pos IGG , neg IGA and neg on the rest. Capsule Endoscopy showed patterns pointing towards celiac Enterolab showed positive for Celiac, both from stool and genetic testing. Stopping gluten intake saved my life. It takes years and years to change accepted medical practice, and in most cases, rightfully so. In the case of Celiac, the "Gold standard" is, IMHO, old, and outdated. The disease was just discovered several decades ago, and medical science has chagned quite a bit, as well as the understanding of the disease.
  7. Don't let it hold you back! I had a job that required about 75% travel. So, I rented short term apartments with full kitchens. Extended Stay America has them for around $70 to $100 per night. Sometimes there wasn't one around so I'd have to have a hotel room, small fridge and small microwave. I also kept a kit in my car with pans, hotplates,and everything else I'd need to make quick meals. Spaghetti, homemade soup... It wasn't the easiest, but you can make it work..paticularly if you can get an apartment style hotel and there is a wal-mart and a grocery store nearby!
  8. If only they would remove the milk ingredients....sigh... I use the Ranch mix from Lipton...not the standard one, they have a Kosher version that is indeed gluten and dairy free. DO NOT use the Kosher Onion Soup Mix, this one has gluten...the normal one from them does not.
  9. My casein intolerance is all about belching, a sulphur taste/smell, vomintg and diarreah.... It all starts about 2 hours after eating milk and then ends after about 9 hours of hell..
  10. I might be coming in late with my 2 cents... I don't trust restaurants at all. None. I've been glutened too many times to trust anything that I don't make myself in my own kitchen. Maybe I'm going overboard, but I don't think so...I've spent too much time in pain, agony, and the bathroom to take any risks... Heck, one steakhouse I ate at...I am sure the food was fine for me, but the people I was eating with were cutting bread on the table.......some crumbs got on my food that I didn't see and BAM I got hit... It just isn't worth the risk anymore for me...
  11. For those that have DH. Do the skin lesions/blisters only appear when you have been glutened? Or is there some level/amount of lesions/blisters that are always present even if you are gluten-free?
  12. We have lots of allergies too. My household can't have gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts or any other nuts. We keep the house free of any of these items. We cook 95% of our own food. My children can have gluten when they aren't eating at home...just like I can have eggs and nuts outside of the home. The house remains safe for everyone. I can't say it's easy but there are a lot of products out there...but the biggest thing is keeping the house safe and accepting the new role of chef....
  13. casein intolerance is a life long issue. I've been dairy free for some time. I knew I had a dairy problem before I was tested; however I wanted to see if it was lactose or casein. I am sure that I could eat small amounts of dairy without any major symptoms showing up. There is some threshold where if I have too much dairy I will have severe symptoms. I gave up all dairy as I figure that even small amounts must be causing some sort of reaction in me...
  14. I might be able to make it. I'm east of cleveland so its about 2.5 hrs....however I have freinds in Columbus that I haven't seen in about 6 months....
  15. One of my children drinks apple juice that has added calcium and vitamin D. The other is 4 yrs old and has drank about 4 cups of Silk soymilk every day of his life. He is in the 90th percentile for height and weight and is developing just fine!
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