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  1. Hate to add more to your list but you may also want to look into Oral Allergy Syndrome. Mostly because how you describe almonds. Yes, it is another extensive list of foods for intolerance and allergies.
  2. I have psoriatic arthritis which mimics rheumatoid arthritis. I don't have the Rh factor but am diagnosed through symptoms and of course the biggest one being that I have (haha had) psoriasis. I am gluten free but that alone did not clear my arthritic pain but it did more or less clear my psoriasis. If I have tomato I get the worst lower back pain. I can barely move. I also get a lot of cervical neck pain. A hardcore elimination diet did wonders for me. I got to a point where I could barely close my hands. I eliminate a lot of foods - it keeps all my inflammation at bay. I don't eat nightshades (except some bell peppers), avoid soy, GMO corn, dairy, I keep it as low grain as I can, avoid peanuts, cashews. Wow, I should just say what I do eat. I eat a lot of salads, meats, nuts, fruit. For me, it is worth it because I was in so much pain and it is just no longer worth it to me to continue to eat these foods. I find I am at a point where I can sneak some of these foods in here and there but after a week the pain sets in again. Plus, I am stuck dealing with eliminating them again because I really do like them and miss them (for a couple weeks after reintroducing them).
  3. Me too. I have been off gluten for six years now and before that I had chronic UTI's. I only took antibiotics when I had the chills and fever and it was too painful to function (prob 4 x's/year). Otherwise I spent most of my time on the uncomfortable side. This started in my early 20s and went on until I was 40. So glad that is over. I had one infection in the past six years:). The years I had them I did everything possible to prevent them. Now I just live normally and all is fine - as in no obsessive avoidance of scented soaps, wet bathing suits, showering after BM, etc. BTW, I am not a diagnosed Celiac - I did elimination diet for my psoriasis and arthritis - the end of UTI's was just an added perk of the many.
  4. janpell

    Does this look like DH?

    My 9 year old daughter has the exact same marks as you. It is being dismissed as her doing it to herself. I honestly don't think she is but I do know once she gets the sores she is a chronic picker which does not help. The main reason they say it is self inflicted is because they are only on her arms and legs - never her torso. Sorry I don't have anything for you but I was wondering where you are getting your sores? I pulled my daughter off of gluten a year ago and they seemed to have cleared and two months ago I let her eat whatever they served at a birthday party and all the sores are back (still).
  5. I have the worst time with tomatoes. Potatoes are noticed if they are too often and bell peppers are fine. With how bad I react to tomatoes, I can't believe I can't fully eliminate them. It's crazy. I am gluten free, cow dairy free, soy free with no problem but tomatoes - I cheat, oranges too - close to same reaction but still cheat a few times a year. I am so frustrated with myself.
  6. I noticed a huge improvement once I started my iron supplements. It still grows very, very slow though but no hair loss anymore.
  7. I had costochondritis years ago and wrote it off as an isolated symptom. Years later, I don't have pain anymore but find I find a hard time getting a really good inhaling breath and tend to yawn - a lot. The same as when I was diagnosed with costo. Every so often when I do try and get a really good inhale, I get a sharp pain. I have to eat a very certain way and if I stray I feel this way, when I am super strict, there are no symptoms at all.
  8. Well, I don't have RA but have PsA, which is similar to RA but is zero negative in diagnosis. I was on medication too - I did sulfasalazine and Celebrex as I wasn't willing to take methotrexate or biologics. When it got really bad, I looked for another option and did the elimination diet. I don't have Celiac and have never been tested for it but am totally gluten free now - along with many other foods that I seem to get reactions from. I take a methylated folate instead of folic acid because I found I have a genetic mutation that doesn't allow my body to absorb folic acid in the synthetic form and can lead to elevated homocysteine levels which increases inflammation. I think Celiac/gluten intolerance is probably a thing before the medication starts not from it. I have been off medications for autoimmune conditions for 6 years now after being on them for 30 years prior.
  9. janpell


    Well, I don't really have pain but inflammation and stiffness in my ankles right now. I should be happy where I am but I have had a few days where I felt nothing - no tightness or inflammation and that is what I am really striving for (and for my CRP to be 0). But I am too weak (diet wise) to keep it up though.
  10. janpell


    I was diagnosed almost 10 years ago but had joint pain for about 20 plus. It was the worst in my late 30's/early 40's. I couldn't even close my hands. My right knee made me feel the worst as it took away comfortable mobility. I have been gluten free for about 4 years now and can make a tightly closed fist. I have no deformities. I do have some tightness in my right leg as getting full extension isn't quite there yet but almost. This is a muscle thing though not joint. I don't think I have any joint damage either. I noticed I was getting a slight twist on my index finger two years ago (as the fine hair on my knuckles was more to the side) and now it is more centered again as if it self corrected. Can't wait to try this!
  11. janpell


    Whaaaat? I thought I heard everything for joint pain. I don't have lupus but psoriasis and PsA. If I am extremely strict with my diet I can be completely joint pain free but then it is a very, very limited diet and I have to be honest with myself that I just can't do it. I keep out gluten, dairy, soy, tomatoes but need corn sometimes and rice. This will be amazing if it works. Were you sure to use golden raisins? If not I am making in tonight with my Sunmaids. I will get the goldens tomorrow if I really need them! I have some ankle swelling to clear up which has been reoccuring too often this past summer.
  12. I find when I do renos I feel horrible! I do question the drywall and compound used because when I do the taping and then the sanding my face burns up, breathing feels laboured and my joints swell up over the next few days.
  13. I am lucky as my symptoms usually appear within 1/2 hour of consuming certain foods. Symptoms usually last a full day. I can tell by how my body feels when I wake up in the morning. Three years later I am still playing with what bugs me - as in full denial over some food choices. I am talking to you potatoes! My body took 2-3 years before I felt really good on my diet change. A full week of bad eating brings me down but it rarely happens. BTW, I am fully gluten and cow dairy free and have been for many years. It's the other stuff that does me in now (corn, nightshades, citrus, soy).
  14. You can make a cream sauce with soaked cashews - for pasta. I made a macaroni and cheese sauce and didn't mind it unfortunately, the cashews didn't agree with me so it's off limits also. I use nutritional yeast for a parmesan-like taste for something like garlic noodles. I really miss dairy but can't have so I don't let myself dwell over it. I make a creamy caesar dressing with homemade mayo, a bit of vinegar (lol, can't have citrus either but you can use lemon or lime for a twist), cracked pepper and a shredded clove of garlic - you can thin it with a bit of olive oil. You can use the same base to make a creamy dressing also - tex mex, add chili powder, cumin, garlic powder, oregano, etc. There are a lot of options. Coconut milk gives you some options for cream sauces. I buy a 7 lb bucket of coconut oil for cooking. You can use it on popcorn too with s&p. For coffee creamer I use a tsp of coconut oil in my coffee and blend it with my magic bullet and it is just as creamy as a regular cup of coffee.
  15. janpell


    I get it at times. Mine comes on with exercise, usually with outdoor activities. I hate it as I find the itching almost unbearable.