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  1. Very interesting! I'll ask on my next follow up. However, I was seronegative on the celiac panel so I'm not too sure if I make antibodies, lol!
  2. I get hypoglycemia often. I can drop to 30 after a PB&J sandwich : ( My endo said I am prediabetic, one of the lovely comorbidities of celiac. I eat low carb, and about 5-6 times a day. I haven't had an episode since changing my diet this way. The less you ask of your pancreas to to send insulin...
  3. Udi's dinner roll was yucky to say the least. Anyone have a favorite roll recipe? I see plenty recipes on Pinterest, but am not too saavy on gluten-free baking (mixing flours). I'm also tired of wasting money on prepackaged mixes or frozen items that aren't good. Any idea on where to start? I'm dying...
  4. Beef veggie soup with a buttered Udi's dinner roll, with Christmas music in the background while my girls and I decorate for the fall. Yep, a good day indeed.
  5. I also thought tortillas were glutening me. Turned out I am sensitive to corn! It took eliminating foods and reintroducing them to figure that out. It took some adjusting since many gluten-free products are corn based. I can eat small amounts, but when I don't pay attention, BIG sick!!
  6. Looks like you're double DQ2 which is the highest risk. Glad you know!!
  7. Also, some companies only report the beta units and don't test the alpha chain. They may not have tested it and are reporting only the beta units they found.
  8. That looks like two beta units. To be positive for a gene, you have to have an alpha and beta unit. For dq2, the alpha code is 0501 or 0505. The beta units are 0201 or 0202. You may have two half genes. Call the company that did your test and have them tell you two chains and explain it. I had...
  9. Heterozygous means one copy of the gene. Homozygous is two copies (higher risk). If they didnt mention the alpha chain, he's probably only positive for the beta, half of the gene. Heterozygous dq2 does have a lower risk than homozygous, and a half heterodimer is even lower. https://www.celiac.com...
  10. After a glutening, everything seems to make me sick. I stick to whole, bland, single ingredient foods for a few days. My go-to-- grapes and green beans, sometimes ham. Lame, yes. But it's all I can handle when sick. I think it's totally normal to not tolerate foods you usually can when you're inflamed...
  11. It's a delicious rice dressing (meat, rice, liver, heavy seasoning) wrapped in a casing. (Like sausage) Not too sure what its made of now. Traditionally it was wrapped in the intestines of a pig... Yuck! Then it's smoked. Pure deliciousness! The Manda brand is gluten free. I haven't had trouble...
  12. Sunday the hubs spent the day food prepping for the week. No cooking for me! Pork tenderloin Crock pot ribs Pork and beans with bacon Succotash Bbq chicken wings Roasted okra Salad fixings I'm so full thinking about it : )
  13. Jealous! I watched the fam eat crawfish étouffée while I fight some cc (I guess since I can't find a source). Once this passes, PIZZA it is!!