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  1. Hi all. I stop in from time to time to read about all of your ongoings, and occasionally to post. I was not diagnosed with celiac disease, but stopped eating gluten the day of my (north and south) scopes, where inflammation was observed from end to end. I only in December 2015 got the results of...
  2. Thank you for your input, Gemini. I already have the aloe vera gel from last time, and it was worse then. Right now it is worst on my right foot, and definitely flared when I took 2 aspirin this week. Within hours, it was brighter, redder, more dotted, and had moved up my ankle more and got itchy...
  3. This is the prescription cream the dermatologist prescribed for my feet and hands. After reading the insert, I'm inclined NOT to use it. The insert states that it is a super high potency corticosteroid. It WILL raise my blood sugar, it likely will cause sugar spillage into my urine. It states...
  4. This is obvious but I have to ask - are you sure the blood is coming from the vagina and not the urethra? "Vaginal" bleeding from the urethra when one pees can be a sign of diabetes; not to make you worry further, but if it is only when you go to the bathroom, and your period doesn't come; are you...
  5. I feel that you don't owe anyone an explanation.     I understand why it will be a chore for you to be there, rather than a luxury.   I attended a family Xmas in Dec, and did not eat, did not drink, and didn't hug anyone b/c of a raging sinus infection.  I only went b/c it...
  6. Thank you for your message on my blog. I needed a strong voice. You are absolutely right!

  7. You know what you owe other people outside your family?  Zero.  Nothing.  When invited, you can simply say sorry, I can't make it.  When invited to bring your mom somewhere, have the words ready, "oh, sorry, I can't, I'm busy that day."  You owe nothing more than that.  ...