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2000: First, mild signs of Celiac

2002: Depression

2004: Anxiety

2013: Thyroid issues

2014 Jan-March: gluten-free, depression and anxiety went away. First time I felt great since 2001!

2014 April-May: Leaky gut-induced allergic reactions to raw pepper and mayonaise.

2014 June-August: Gluten challenge, depression returned

2014 Sept: gluten-free again

  1. Thanks for your replies cyclinglady and Ennis, I'll try sticking to Paleo*. Btw, I got endoscopy done a couple of years ago and there WERE some lesion-like changes in my intestines which to me prove some kind of reaction, most likely to wheat. But they just tested for helicobacter which was negative...
  2. Hello all, long time no see, the forum has changed it's looks a lot lol. 😊 I had autoimmune Hashimoto's thyroid disease, but now it has turned to Grave's so I'm too skinny! I went back to eating grains but I think it made my goiter to grow larger! Yet, every time I test for gluten or Celiac it co...
  3. Thanks, just upping this, I agree our gut needs to heal before we eat raw nightshades and eggs. Something in the wheat (not just the gluten) activates the immune system, so many of these allergies/intolerances may be temporary due to our immune systems becoming haywire. And once you quit the main...
  4. Hard to digest is an understatement in fact. I had a full-blown immune allergic reaction aka anaphylaxis. Strangely enough I didn't react to eggs in gluten-free cakes and cooked peppers, only to raw peppers and to the eggs in mayonnaise. And I've never had any allegies as a kid. I guess when you...
  5. After a gluten challenge my anxiety and depression came back so I'm sure I'm celiac. I haven't changed anything in my diet or habits. I just need to avoid raw pepper and mayonnaise when going gluten-free because of the resulting leaky gut. Here is my history 2000: First, mild signs of Celiac...
  6. They say raw foods are perfectly healthy but I guess that's not true for some celiacs. First time I went gluten-free I felt great, but as my gut was still not fully recovered in the second or third month I started reacting seriously to raw food like pepper and the eggs in mayonaise. I didn't react...
  7. Well in fact I've had some mood swings even while being totally gluten-free, so I guess it's something else and not gluten that causes it. Maltodextrin or intolerance to some other junk substances found in processed foods I guess? In fact gluten-free junk food like cookies or gluten-free bread also...
  8. Howdy! I am a self-diagnosed Celiac. OK, so I was diagnosed with Hypothyroism and I decided to go gluten-free. Now I'm in my 8th month. Inintially I felt better, my anxiety/depression went away. However that was hort-lived as I started reacting to different foods after going gluten-free. My initial...