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  1. Ohhh ok, I was going to say! I had bunnies growing up and I have cats now. I never remember the bunnies purring for me. I just thought that was the sound they made when they breathed.
  2. Other than a little over extending of my neck, my energy level has been amazing and I have been feeling amazing overall.
  3. I just realized we are eating really well this week so I thought I'd share what meals we had so far. Chicken fajitas with lots of bell peppers onions and chipotle sauce. Side of mexican rice made with cilantro, lime, corn, onions and peppers Penne with vodka sauce with a side of zucchini (im pretty...
  4. Wheat seems to be used a lot in savory foods as flavoring. A friend was trying to eat gluten-free and kicked herself when she discovered her chicken broth had wheat in it. I notice barley malt is in sweet stuff. Funny though, you don't think of wheat as a flavor.
  5. I remember A1 had a feeling to my mouth and sinuses like it was VERY caustic. I would stop using that stuff right away because it has like a thousand ingredients and any one of them could be bothering you. I would make my own sauce with stuff I know doesn't bother me.
  6. Irish, sorry for the confusion. I was using recipes for low carb baked goods because they usually are flour less, but have a ton of eggs. Which I can't eat I care nothing for low carb. I love all the carbs! I just need to shift gears and use traditional recipes, and give in to buying or making gluten...
  7. The low carb recipes have a lot of eggs but they come out really moist and tasty. I think the applesauce substitute came out well, so I suppose if I switch to a traditional gluten free flour instead of the coconut, it would work out fine to replace just one or 2 eggs. If i use regular flour and regular...
  8. Karen- Tell me more about this Brazilian cheese bread? Irish- I just discovered the egg problem about 2 weeks ago. So I haven't full looked into substituting. For some reason I was under the impression that it was more for recipe with an egg or 2 and might not really work for one of those low...
  9. The first baking item I purchased was coconut flour and it lasted a while! Most recipes only require 1/2 cup of the stuff so the fact that it was nearly $7, didn't really matter. It turns out the coconut flour absorbs alot of liquid, usually in the form of many eggs. Now I have discovered that I...
  10. Other than figuring out the pasta, baking is the only other challenge at home. Especially if you have any issues with other things, like dairy or egg. I baked something like a week ago with applesauce in place of egg and it was delicious! They were actually flour less peanut butter cookies. Wayyyy...
  11. Yeah you really have to test the pasta im noticing. I use wegmans brand which is made from corn and it is usually done a minute before their recommended time! My stuffing for my pattypan squash was delicious! But the squash itself needed to be cooked more thoroughly, not bad for my first time...
  12. We have a bakery around here that is the same. They make the most delicious sweets. I was very concerned but I looked them up and many celiacs said they were safe. I stop by sometimes to get a cupcake and I have never had a problem. They also keep the gluten free foods in separate cases to ensure...
  13. I have some pattypan squash so I think im going to make this skinnytaste turkey santa fe zuchinni boats. I will probably make some changes, including adding some cooked potatoes to the mix. I would like it to be a full meal, not just a side dish. Im actually super excited to try something new for...
  14. Everytime I see that dump cakes infomercial, I become a giggling five year old. I just can't keep it together, something in the way she says it. I was in walgreens the other day and I saw the dumpcakes book next to a package of fiber one.. I lost my mind with laughter.