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  1. I went through withdrawals from gluten for the first 2 weeks. Headaches, mood swings, and the feeling like I wanted to gnaw on something. After you get gluten completely out of your system, you should start to feel better. This could take up to a month (and only if you don't make any mistakes). If...
  2. Only the antigen test caught it, the giardia was not seen under microscope exam ever. There was another local lab who didn't see it or detect antigen, either. It's a tricky one to diagnose.
  3. I had diarrhea, ibs, SIBO, and grain/gluten intolerance. I also have gluten ataxia. I treated the problems and changed my diet so that I didn't eat any grains. This helped, but I didn't get completely better. Then my doctor ran a stool analysis test from Genova Diagnostics and I tested positive for...
  4. I can't eat brown rice, rice bran, or rice bran oil without having the same symptoms as being glutened. I have gluten ataxia, but not celiac. I have been tested for food sensitivities, and rice was one of my worst reactions. Because Rice is in almost all gluten free products that have grain, I avoid...