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  1. Teresa811

    Sore nose

    Thank you so much it a vitamin I was taking it said gluten free but had wheat & starch what a nightmare this is to have can’t seem to do right for doing wrong & doctor gave me a anti biotic and boom 10x worse I said I was cealiac and this is a bad flare up had one 9 years ago so knew what it was just didn’t listen to me now it’s a lot worse than originally was arrghhh !! thanks so much for reply
  2. Teresa811

    Sore nose

    Hi been diagnosed as celiac over 2 years ago have a bad episode at present with tongue and swollen sore nose looks like little blisters has anyone else had these symptoms and if so what made it stop please any advise would be fab
  3. Teresa811

    Sore tongue and nose

    Hi been diagnosed as cealiac over 2 years ago at present have very sore tongue and ulcer like sores end of my nose any advice how to clear these up creams etc would be fab