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  1. i'm sorry you can't sleep! i have issues with this too, not bad right now, though, thank goodness. re: your sleeping problem, my first thought too was thyroid. is your doctor one you love or a dismissive one? cause it's been my experience that what doctors consider "normal" range is really...
  2. thanks for the congrats. i'm new at this cooking thing too, but still alive, no salmonella! our grandmas did this all the time right? and we generally have much better fridges than them. and fancy restaurants do it too - all the homemade red pepper mayo, garlic mayo, horseradish mayo...
  3. I TOTALLY MADE MY OWN MAYO TODAY!!! okay, sorry for that outburst, but it was very exciting! i used the recipe from Michael Cox's "Gluten-Free" cookbook (which is *THE ONE* to get if you're a foodie and not just looking for bobo versions of gluten-y foods): --------------------------...