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  1. Hi, I have DH - since 2004. Went completely gluten-free in 2005. I currently go to a Dermatologist. I was diagnosed by an Allergist via biopsy. The first gastro I went to had never heard of DH! I went to a Gastro recently when I moved to a new state, and she told me to take Lysine - that it...
  2. I had a very similar diagnosing experience back in 2004. My PCP said "atopic dermatitis". The dermatologist said same thing. I was referred to an allergist, who was the only one willing to let me participate in the diagnosis. I came from a family of doctors and so I did a lot of research with...
  3. Hey, My primary symptom was bad bad horrific DH. I didn't start getting the diarrhea until after I was gluten-free for a couple years, and got "gluten'd". The ONLY ONLY way to heal and rid yourself of DH is to be 100% (and I mean 100%) gluten free - probably for at least a month before you get...
  4. I've been eating Curly's for several years now with no problems. I originally had emailed the company and received a reply that they were definitely gluten-free - the modified food starch is made from corn. I recently re-emailed them because they seemed to change to "new improved" this summer....
  5. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  6. I never can pinpoint it exactly for sure but suspect the following: Cinnamon Flavored Chex (almost certain) - do fine with the corn and rice and honey nut. Van's Waffles (almost certain because reaction is consistent every time I eat them) gluten-free Menu items at Uno's (Cheesburger item - just...
  7. I THINK I had a problem with the Cinnamon Chex, but am not 100% sure that was what it was. A Wegman's just opened up here and I've been trying out a lot of new "gluten-free" stuff. I LOVE the Cinnamon ones to eat for a snack just plain, but for now will stop. The Chocolate ones are also on my...
  8. When I was first Gluten Free the breakouts took about 3 days. I was pretty imperfect at being gluten free though - not on purpose, but by accident and lack of knowledge. After I did my studying of foods and labels and learned a lot, I became obsessive about being gluten free and didn't chance it...
  9. Please help! I ate a rotisserie chicken from Giant. Finally found the label afterwards, and saw it listed "flavor" as an ingredient. But it doesn't say 'wheat starch' or "gluten." It actually says Allergens: none. But I still feel crappy - I'm just wondering, did the chicken you got from Giant say gluten or anything about allergies listed on it? I'm just try

  10. I just bought Sabbrett Hot Dogs at COSTCO. They too, are gluten-free.