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  1. Diagnosed Celiac 2011 by blood test and scope, been gluten-free since. Been in severe pain, nausea, passing a great deal of blood. So need to prep for colonoscopy and got Rx for TriLyte with flavor packs (lemon-lime & cherry). Gastro Doc said it was "probably" gluten free. Really? Probably? Asked his Physician Asst. to make sure before I leave so he could Rx something else if need be. She comes back after a long wait, "I think it should be; check with the pharmacist when you pick it up, they'll know". They don't know with any certainty either, though they did try calling & looking online. I've tried online myself & left multiple messages at the Inquires pH. # at Wallace Pharm, nothing. Has anyone here used this product safely? I'm delaying the test until I get a straight answer or another prep that's definitely gluten-free. Has anyone else here safely used this product? Or recommend another you KNOW is gluten-free safe? Or know where I can get a definite yes or no answer?