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  1. I talked to a lady from Pillsbury on the phone and she said that all their frostings are gluten free. They do have corn in them though. Maybe that is what made me sick. I just know that it tastes really good, but makes me feel like barfing all day long. It sucks too because I have all this carrot...
  2. I got sick from Pillsbury frosting. I was vomiting, and pooping bloody mucus.
  3. It's called dyshidrotic eczema. MIne is caused from food allergies. Once I stopped eating all the things that I was allergic to it went away. I get it on my hands and feet. I wouldn't bother with a dermatologist, it was a total waste of money. If you stay away from the foods that cause it and treat...
  4. The technical term for it is dysphagia. Make an appointment with your gastroenterologist right away and have them scehdule a modified barium swollow and/or a endoscopy. I get the same thing. It's probably not Barrets esophagus (a pre-cancerous condition) but could be esophagitis. I get it, so does...
  5. I have eosinophilic esophagitis, which is food allergy AND environmentally induced reflux and swelling of the esophagis from eosinophils (a type of pathogen fighting blood cells) taking residence in my esophagis. I never got to the point yet (knock on wood) where it swelled so bad food wouldn't...
  6. I've always had them. My sister and I callt hem "stinkards." I never knew they had an actual clinical name. My ENT said everyone gets them. I have noticed that the tube between my ear and my throat starts to itch when I have them bad. They increase with allergy problems too. I think they are probably...