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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hi Deb I have a similar problem, but I think the ingredient I'm reacting to is magnesium sterate. I'm going to be patch tested in a couple of weeks time. Is this something you could do? It does sound like an allergic reaction that you're having. It is difficult to find stuff on the internet about...
  3. If you are intolerant to them rather than actually allergic, you might try experimenting with cooking them. I'm definitely worse with raw onions. Onions that have been well cooked eg in the slow cooker, I am better with. It might be worth a try before you abandon them altogether!
  4. My thyroid values are ok now (not sure what they are) so i don't think it's that. Vits - I only really take cal/mag/zinc. I am concerned about the B vits, but apparently my B12 level is considered normal (387), despite what I've read here that suggests that's on the low side. If the GP thinks its...
  5. what about depression? Has anyone had success in that going once gluten-free and, if so, how long did it take? I've been gluten-free 10 months and my recent endoscopy shows my intestines are much better, but the anxiety, depression iritability etc are still there. I had thought they were linked with...
  6. Now that I'm going public, I guess I'm committed to doing an elimination diet! I've been thinking of doing an elimination diet for a long time now, and thought it would be helpful to blog it - both for myself, and for others, as I know so many of us have issues with foods in addition to gluten...
  7. just bumping this up, wondering why it's disppeared ??
  8. Every time I have chocolate, I get depressed the next day. This happens whether it's milk or soya chocolate, but not really with dark chocolate. It's always the next day. It doesn't happen when I eat other dairy stuff eg cheese/ milk so I don't think it's that. And how come I'm OK with dark choc...
  9. the odd thing is though, I've been gluten-free for 6 months and never had this before I am v tired though (cos of the thyroid problem) so maybe its that
  10. I have noticed over the past few days that I am starting to have pins and needles more often. It's not really bad in intensity but I have now got it in various places in my body - hands, arms, legs and I just noticed tingling in my face. I'm wondering what could be the cause. I'm seeing my GP on...
  11. I am pretty sure I have RLS, although don't have a formal diagnosis. It has definitely got worse for me since the coeliac symptoms have manifest themselves. I'm pretty sure its vitamin/ mineral deficiency for me, but need to do some research on that. What I'm interested in, is what effect it has...
  12. So why do I still get them? I'm wondering if having a low grade sore throat all the time is attributable to the stones and whether it means I should have my tonsils out or just wait to see if things settle down on the diet
  13. Thanks ever so much Patti . Not very good with the searches here I'm wondering whether for me there could also be a dairy connection, as I have recently started having dairy again and have had other problems with it (mainly GERD). I had decided to go DF again and maybe that will be the answer...
  14. I get horrible foul tasting and smelling accumulations of food and bacteria in my tonsils which I've just discovered from the web are tonsil stones. I frequently have a low grade sore throat with them. I was wondering whether anyone else has them here and if there could be a link with celiac disease...
  15. Thanks for your support Ursula This is such a great place to come for the info and help I just can't get elsewhere.