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  1. Dr. Haas apparently ignored the basis of science...evidence and repeatability. He came up with something that had apparent effect, failed to pursue further research, and proceeded to trash a better solution that was found...at the cost of his patients. In the long run, that is the only metric that...
  2. How about labeling them gluten free, but possibly causing a reaction in some people. I have a friend who reacted to everything that she ate for longer than a short period of time. Her family ate a huge variety of meats from the regular pork, beef, and chicken to moose, antelope and buffalo with arrowroot...
  3. To Mars, your comments on a gluten-free diet being a free solution to the problems of celiac disease are a bit off the mark. At higher levels of sensitivity, the most careful diets will fail to protect. As people discover their celiac disease and feel their way into the handling of their disease...