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  1. Hi all, thanks for your comments. The blood tests for anything such as celiac came back negative, so I don't think I am celiac - more just a gluten sensitivity. I will try more of a simpler diet taking out both gluten and dairy and then see how I feel. thank you all for your comments.
  2. Hi all, For years now I have been struggling with severe bloating and cramping after eating certain foods. I have been to the doctors several times and had scans, blood tests, the lot. However, eventually they gave up and told me that I just had IBS. I decided to try eliminating food groups myself, starting with gluten as I noticed particular flare ups every time after pizza, sunday dinners, chinese and burritos. I have been gluten free for approximately 2 weeks now and have been feeling lots better and no flare ups. It wasn't until this weekend that I had a cheese sandwich made with gluten-free bread, cheddar cheese, lettuce, pepper and butter - with this I had a packet of Walkers crinkle cut crisps. After this meal, I had a huge flare up and felt so sick and nauseous for the rest of the day - and I am now still suffering from this flare up as it takes days sometimes weeks for my stomach to deflate after. I've been trying to pinpoint what I have eaten in this meal to cause this and my instant thoughts was that I may have a dairy intolerance also. However, I had eaten cheese the day before and was fine, and also have normal milk with my gluten free cereal, as well as poached eggs without any flare ups (I do bloat after eating boiled eggs on their own however). The crisps didn't have any gluten allergy warnings on the back, only milk - however I was fine eating the same packet of crisps a few days prior also. This led me to the conclusion that it must of been the butter! I also ate a gluten free pie today and feel really ill after that so wondering if I'm starting to see a link. Is it possible to have a gluten intolerance and have a sensitivity to just butter and boiled eggs but fine drinking milk and eating eggs cooked another way? I'm very confused and doctors seem to no help. I'm just sick of forever having to wear baggy clothes incase of a flare up and being in pain all the time!! Thanks, Soph93
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