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  1. Honestly, it's not bad here in central Maine. If you want to cook for yourself, especially so, but if you want to eat out, it's doable as well. Maybe it's our proximity to Canada. Mind you, we don't have a Trader Joe's or a Whole Foods up here, but our Hannaford grocery stores made the top ten...
  2. P.S. Apologies for the acronymage: HR = Human Resources, of course and EOE = Equal Opportunity Employment, which I see in my university directory has been changed to Equal Opportunity & Diversity, if that helps any... M.
  3. How's by you from a former New Orleanian, I would definitely recommend getting in touch with your local worker's compensation board. It sounds like you have an allergy to wheat along with celiac and since I've been in a position just like yours where I was working in a place that made me sick...
  4. Dear miles2go, I thought the Z-Pak had gluten. According to one of the lists I read, it was not allowed. Maybe it was outdated? It is wonderful if it is safe. It is gentler on your system than most of them. Sincerely, NoGluGirl Hi NoGluGirl, The last time I had to take antibiotics...
  5. Ever since going gluten-free and maybe the allergy-meds I've been on for the last year, I've been free from sinus infections for about the same time, but previously had them all my life! Hope you get the same results. As for the UTI's, my sympathies, I had one and it was not fun.
  6. I'm allergic to all of the 'cillins and Keflex - nasty stuff with full body rash. I rarely use antibiotics, but when I have to, I ask for the Z-pak because it's only 5 days worth. It doesn't seem to trash out my stomach as much and usually knocks out the bug. Other than that, garlic works wonders...