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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I eat the turkey ones all the time without a problem, so it probably is something else. Could it have been CC (with pans/spoons, etc.)? I never eat hotdogs for this reason - they give me headaches and tummy aches - think it's the nitrates.
  3. I'm not sure about kids, but I know before I went gluten-free I would have 8 plus stools (mostly D) per day. After about 6-7 months on the diet, it went down to 2-3 per day, and it wasn't D anymore. I do notice I go alot more if I eat corn or if I have a glass or regular milk (ice cream/cheese...
  4. I don't know about 7-11 but I called Quiktrip and their cappuccino drinks are all gluten free (I called 2 separate times b/c you sometimes get different answers)
  5. I have the exact same thing - that's actually what led me to see a GI dr. (finally) and my diagnosis. I've been having large bowel movements every morning that hurt worse than having a baby (which I recently had also)! I would cry every morning and bleed, etc. and several times it clogged up the...
  6. Funny, I have been eating a lot of pickles lately since going gluten-free (one month now) and haven't had any leg/foot cramps in that time - coincidence maybe, but that's funny you mentioned that. My husband (who has the RLS) LOVES to drink the juice out of the pickle jar - yuck! I'll have to encourage...
  7. wow, this is a lot of information! I've been trying to get rid of these night sweats for years to no avail! I'm thinking the gluten-free diet might do it, or maybe I'll try evening primrose if that doesn't work. Anyway, the way I "cope" is to just take off my soaking wet pjs, turn on the ceiling...
  8. I'm assuming the bar of soap under the bedsheet is unwrapped? Does is matter what kind? I am going to try that (without telling my husband) to see if it helps his RLS
  9. I don't have RLS but I do have the massive leg/foot cramps that make me jump out of bed (screaming sometimes!). I get them when I play tennis also (but not when I run). I tried the whole banana/sports drink thing for potasium but that just made it worse, then I noticed that I ALWAYS got the cramps...
  10. Does that mean teh Doc Chey's in Atlanta is ok too? (hope hope hope)
  11. I've just been diagnosed with celiac and crohns. Go to the dr. tomorrow to figure out what needs to be done about the crohns. And to think, a month ago I had never heard of gluten!
  12. I just went here - nice little store. Have you been to the natural food warehouse (not sure exactly what it's called) off Old Alabama Connecter by Northpoint Mall? I heard they have good prices. Just trying to find the cheapest place to buy this gluten-free food (I'm new to this and don't have...
  13. I always get sick when I eat gyro meat (prior to being dx'd - I don't eat gyro anymore!).