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  1. I an very sensitive to gluten, but I also cross-react to rice as well. I don't have any other food allergies besides gluten and rice. (Rice doesn't actually surprise me, because it is also in the grass family like wheat and shares 89.5%...
  2. I reached out to the company and they responded that old packages of the product still contain the slime powder, but newer ones don't. Please see attached.
  3. You can DNA test your son and yourself for the celiac genes yourself. I found out that I carried one copy of the HLA-DQB1 gene and my half-brother carries two (homozygous) from the 23andme test. It goes on sale during holidays for 30% off...
  4. No, I don't have any latex allergy. I use latex gloves at home regularly for housecleaning and don't react at all.
  5. I was helping my husband fill a bunch of Zuru Bunch O' Balloons and was unaware that they contain a clear gel that helps retain the water inside them. As the balloons were filling, this gel was leaking out and getting on my skin. I have...