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  1. I usually use coconut oil. sometimes add calcium carbonate and peppermint oil. spit it out in a cup not the sink to...
  2. Epson salt baths will help the detox. Also apple cider vinegar is good for reflux.
  3. I had an issue with a swollen gland (groin) and started taking unflavored gelatin - I just drink it in a cup of hot green...
  4. I would check with his boss or another store. Potato vodka is the best for me.
  5. this is the vodka I drink with martini's -sometimes I think the olives might be an issue--Only potato vodka works for...
  6. thanks! I was going to run out and buy some. Looking for something that makes me look young Is Gabriel in the stores...
  7. I am looking for a foundation or tinted cream also. have been using Neutragena.
  8. Adalaide, I can just see you over in that corner with the "cupcake"!! Thanks for sharing. You make a terrific reporter...
  9. I use Red Apple also. I love the red-sometimes I use it over gloss or mix with some of their lighter ones.
  10. www.facebook.com/theglutenfreespouse this is where I saw the information about the punishment of the Roman soldiers...
  11. Hi Georgie, I am so glad you are doing well and I do agree with the dr. that gluten does damage the heart. I received...
  12. Hi Mamaw, Got sidetracked off the forum for a while when they changed the set up of the site. Looking forward to getting...
  13. Jennifer Esposito has info on this on her website-Jennifer's Way. She played Jackie on CBS Blue Bloods-they kicked...
  14. Thanks, I would like to read those. So far I have enjoyed the book. He has a good sense of humor and the info is...
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