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  1. I usually use coconut oil. sometimes add calcium carbonate and peppermint oil. spit it out in a cup not the sink to avoid clogs in drain.
  2. Epson salt baths will help the detox. Also apple cider vinegar is good for reflux.
  3. I had an issue with a swollen gland (groin) and started taking unflavored gelatin - I just drink it in a cup of hot green tea with honey and lemon. It gave me energy and the gland issue went away. Last Sunday I ate some steamed crabs(no beer) and when I got home had an immediate back ache then...
  4. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  5. It was "The brain Book" by Dr. Perimeter --can't find my notes but I know I posted several places about this. He was very good when I heard him speak.
  6. I found that post-It is under B-12. Ifound that post under B-12.
  7. I believe it was a book about the brain ( I posted somewhere ?) he said celiac's develop white matter in the brain that looks like ms. I will search it if you want.
  8. I have been taking the sublinqual B12. I have the tingling sometimes in my toes. Was researching it www.Weston A. Price Foundation last night. LindaLee
  9. It's the only sweetner allowed on the healing diet I am on-haven't bought any yet. LL
  10. Sophie, I just got the cluster of blisters on my left hand. It is not oozing. Do you still get yours? I haven't had these in ages. Thanks, LL
  11. I used to get them. Itched like crazy. Went to dr. but that didn't help. Mine got so bad had to get my ring cut off(swollen). I just figured it was nerves. My husband was very sick and controlling. LindaLee
  12. Carla, have you tried eliminating sodium laurel sulfites? I did and mine are almost gone. I also get small red welps on my back and chest after shampooing w/ it. LindaLee
  13. Just took that out of the cupboard. I have several I am afraid of. Thanks. LindalLee