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First Blog



I have arrived

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This is my first blog. Not that you care, or it's keeping you up at night, as pre-diagnosis probably did. I am a writer and dancer and celiac. All three are difficult and delightful.


I thought living without wheat, etc would be devestating. It is not, rather it is illuminating. Until last year I was pasta girl, pizza girl, bisquit girl, cinnamon bun girl. I had no pain from this. For over 40 years. Although I was constipated for most of that time. But I thought that was just me. Normal. Until my brother was diagnosed and we all had to be tested.


Some of us chose not to. One brother won't test himself or his children. He would rather not know and not give up his favorite foods.


I have discovered a world of new foods. Truth be told, I had grown bored with eating. Now every meal is a new adventure. New tastes tingle my tongue. New grains. I have grown very fond of cooking ( before I could barely boil water).


I had a conversation the other day with a friend who recently thankfully has joined AA. He told me that he is planning to take up drinking again when he retires, that he loves it so much. I told him about being celiac, about how I make a choice ever day about what I put in my body and its long term affect. It is like alchohol for you, I said. You may enjoy that first drink but it will destroy you.


I think he understood. I think the idea of making a choice of long-term good over short-term pleasure made sense to him. I hope our discussion made a difference.



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Hi Lindylynn. I also have arrived and have created my first blog. :)

And what a lovely writer you are, too.

It's hard to understand why some family members won't get tested even though celiac disease symptoms are causing debilitating illnesses, isn't it?

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I hope I am doing this right and that this gets in your comment section. I never thought about choosing each day to be gluten-free as a personal choice. I love how you put it. And yes, we do choose not to be sick. You have a nice way with words. My daughter will also not be tested (she is 41) and we are absolutely sure she has this disease, but no amount of talking will convince her. I don't understand how ANYONE would choose to be as sick as she is, at times, over getting healthy.

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