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A Couple New (To Me) Lunch Ideas

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the other day I made the most delicous eggs benedict. It was not made on an english muffin, didn't even want to try to subsitute for a gluten-free one. So I found all natural gluten-free canadian bacon, and was able to find a gluten-free hollandaise sauce mix. They turned out so terrific, I made some for my hubby and he said it was one of the best eggs benedict he has had! The sauce really made the dish :wub:


today for lunch I had fried brown rice. I'm trying really hard to get some nutrients in my body as I know I'm still defecient. My grocery strore carries microwavable organic brown rice so it's so easy to make. I used some rottissare chicken from Costco (yummy stuff) and stir fried it with the cooked brown rice, scrambled egg, gluten-free soy sauce, and what ever veggies I have on hand. added some pepper to taste. Took me less than 10 minutes to make and it was so delicous!


Over the weekend I boiled the carcass from the rotissare chicken along with onion, carrots, celery salt, and a bay leaf and made my own broth. The smell reminded me of Thanksgiving! I plan on using the broth and some more of the chicken to make some gluten-free chicken and dumplings (using Betty Crocker gluten-free bisquick) I'll posts how it turns out.


I'm learning food can taste good and there is stuff to eat :P

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