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Trying To Figure Out What's Wrong With Me

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I am a 25 year old male. Within the last year or two I've developed symptoms which include mild nausea here and there (usually in the morning) but sometimes will come up later in the day as well as some stomach burning/heartburn at night. I also often have a feeling of urgency in my rectum although I don't actually have to go to the bathroom. Rarely do I have diarrhea. I usually have one bowel movement per day, but it is never completely solid but is also not watery. Usually it is in pieces that look kind of frayed and when I flush the toilet they disintegrate. I often feel mild nausea after having a bowel movement and will often have a weird feeling of urgency or pressure in my rectum after a bowel movement. Often there are undigested vegetable pieces in the stool. I don't each much meat, and if I eat any meat it's fish or chicken. I eat a lot of vegetables, rice, and potatoes.


I am trying to figure out why I feel nausea and why I often don't feel good. I also want to know why in the past year or two my bowel movements have gone from being solid and one large piece or pieces that often look frayed. They are not pale or yellow, but are now lighter brown than they ever used to be. I have had bloodwork done and everything on my CBC and MetaB panel were normal. I had a celiac panel of four tests done and all were negative. I tried a gluten free diet for 3 weeks and didn't see any improvement. I had an endoscopy and colonoscopy and the only thing found was a small polyp (pathology was negative) and some internal hemorrhoids (which may be causing the rectum pressure? although I'm not sure). My doctor said that the biopsy of my small intestine showed "minor features consistent with celiac disease" and has suggested that I go back on a gluten free diet to see if I get any improvement. I am wondering if there is any possibility that I have celiac given that all the tests were negative or inconclusive at best. I don't have any joint pain, skin rash, or anything like that, although i do often get mouth sores which I've noticed is a symptom. The thing is, sometimes I'll go a week with few to no symptoms and I'll be eating bread and pizza and do just fine, so it seems weird to think that I could have a gluten issue. Does anyone have any thoughts?

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Hi Jayman and welcome.


3 weeks is not enough time to judge whether the diet was beneficial or not.  Some issues do not resolve quickly and can take up to a year or more to reconcile.   You may also want to cut out dairy as it may be a problem for you.  Hemorrhoids will cause you to feel pressure.  Otherwise just try to eat healthy and see your Doctor if you think it is warranted.   


Good luck to you.



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