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Vacation To Shared Kitchen - Avoiding Cc

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Hi all!  I'm going to be visiting my parents glutenlicious kitchen and just want to have some reminders of what to be aware of.    I'll be there a week, I don't eat out due to multiple food issues on top of gluten-free (casein & fructose).  My house has been gluten free for almost 2 years so I'm sure there's things I've forgotten.


Here's my plan so far:

They said they'd eat gluten-free while I'm there, so it's more CC from existing gluten I'm concerned about

I asked them to save glass jars for a bit, so I can store things in those, I'll buy cheapo plastic if needed

hand washing a set of dishes (corningware), glasses, utensils etc and keeping them seperated and not in their drawers/cabinets while I'm there

scrub everything down with ajax, while wearing rubber gloves, using paper towels

remove the toaster from the counter, they can use it in dining room or not at all

keeping my food seperated in a box out of pantry

clean a shelf of fridge for me also


I'll be buying supplies at DollarTree, here's that list:

colander                            strainer                             chopping knife if theirs are wood/serrated

can opener                        dish brush                         veggie peeler

sponges                             cutting board


I need a big pot with a lid for making rice, my Dad said they have a Spaghetti pot that's aluminum, knowing it's their Spaghetti pot is funny.  I won't need the oven, just stovetop & microwave, I'm bringing my own gluten-free VitaMix.  My Dad was also kind enough to grocery shop for me, I made him a printable pdf with pics and EXACT specific food to buy, I'm bringing the hard to find items myself.  We are driving, so in theory I could bring my entire kitchen, just I'd like to save valuable car space, we always end up with too much on the way home!


So if I use a sponge to clean initially, I should then trash that sponge?

Is the aluminum Spaghetti pot & lid safe after careful cleaning?  (All I have is stainless steel)

Any other glaring gotchas, reminders, things I'm overlooking?


Kind thanks for any input or reassurance : smile :



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so, wow, what a list. you seem pretty clear on what you need to do, but wanted to add some kind of non-iron skillet to your list. not sure what you're cooking, but a non-scratched stainless or non-stick is always useful. i'd toss the sponge after cleaning. and i'd give your parents a huge extra hug for going the extra mile. this is a big challenge for them as well!

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You can use aluminum foil over pans if you do want to use the oven. And someone just mentioned that paper plates can be substituted for cutting boards in a pinch.

I'd make sure that I had steel wool for cleaning uncoated metal pots or pans before using them, especially if you are tempted to risk using their pasta pot.

You could probably pack a pair of good kitchen tongs that could come in handy for handling a variety of foods while cooking. And if it were me, I'd probably just pack some knives. You can pack all sorts of stuff even if you're flying, as long as it isn't in your carry on. 

I'd skip buying a colander and just use pot lids to drain foods. But if you plan to visit again, you could buy them a smooth metal one with the big holes. Those can be scrubbed well enough to use for gluten-free.

You may also want to set aside all of the dedicated gluten-free cooking tools that you purchase so that the next time you visit, you know you will already have a box of safe items to use.

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Thank you both so much, I get a little spazzy trying to think of everything I think I should be thinking of !  I've eaten out side my house less than five times in 22 months so I'm sheltered (hermit? paranoid? LOL)


glutenfreeliac - spot on - I have been so self focused over this, yes my parents are super wonderful and thank you for the reminder to let them know how much I appreciate their willingness to help.  I was born in 1971 so technically their parental tenure could have ended in 1989! : wink :  I am lucky to have had their support always.  They've dabbled in gluten-free for themselves, just not 100%


NatureChick - steel wool, nice, I wouldn't have thought of that and I forgot how easy foil could be.  Packing a knife, DH has a collection, he proly has a foldable camping something that would be perfect, I only need it for tomatoes.

"tempted to risk using their pasta pot" - Not anymore since you put it that way!  Scrubbing glutened stainless wouldn't worry me, I just couldn't find definitive info about aluminum, I'll buy a stainless one there.


I've gone a week eating the same meal when I've had accidental glutenings or recovering from testing, so I'm simplifying for the trip also ( sorries - I proly shoulda mentioned that!)  I have pretty limited choices anyway so no biggie.


This is good, I lurk often and obviously haven't posted much, when I return, I would like to post more cuz it's comforting to hang out with people who just GET it.


More packing awaits, lookie how eager I am to get to it  : smirky rolleyes:


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