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Dna Testing? Ttg Igg Positive Twice, Negative Biopsy

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If you have gotten the genetic testing, where did you get it from? And what did you test/what were you looking for specifically?

Trying to rule out celiac disease in the presence of high tTG IGG with low results in everything else, and negative biopsy a week later (still eating gluten daily).

All the endoscopy showed was moderate erosive gastritis. After over 6 weeks of eating gluten-free the blood results came back exactly the same with the exception of tTG igg being 2 points higher. I am not IgA deficient according to the results. I'm so confused and frustrated because I don't want to have to keep eating gluten free (and become more sensitive to it in the long run) if this isn't the solution. My symptoms have remained the same (inconsistent RUQ pain, nausea, constipation, reflux) over the past 2 months of not eating gluten, and I'm convinced this has something to do with chronic Epstein Barr Virus (autoimmune related), which I have a history of too.

Liver enzymes, autoimmune blood testing, sugars etc all came back normal; alkaline phosphatase was low (but the doctor hasn't said anything about that).

Also for reference, the colonoscopy was negative except for spastic colon; the small bowel series was negative; technically I've been diagnosed with IBS, but there's the celiac component I'm worried about.

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