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Interesting read - how certain compounds affect our bodies

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Hi all,

I thought that I should share this article with you. It is important that we know what can help us or hurt us. Sometimes we take certain medicine/ vitamins/ food that we think is good for us, when in reality can be very bad for us. Despite brain fog and horrible symptoms a few months back, I am glad that I was still able to figure out some of these things. When I went to see a doctor (that I paid a ton of money to see because the clinic was supposed to be have the best doctors, equipment, test), the doctor did not seem to know anything about autoimmune diseases and when I had a cold she recommended taking some over the counter medicine to boost my immune system. I came home and began thinking... my immune system was already overreacting so what affect this could have on me. Luckily, I decided not to take anything. Later, I came across similar information that this article included. For example, Echinacea that is usually good for people when they have a cold is not good for us. I am not sure if all this is true but it makes sense to me. So, if you think this information can help you, you can read the article: 


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