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DH back after 8 years?

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Hi everyone, I had 8 years free of DH, but it returned on Christmas night. This has me again questioning whether this could be something else as I was off of gluten ( suspecting it may be the culprit) for weeks before they did the blood test so I was negative, and I'm unwilling to go back on it to get the test done, for fear of this horrible rash returning. Has anyone else had DH disappear for many years, only to return? If so, have you thought whether "leaky gut" could be a contributor? With the last two outbreaks ( I've only had three, with many years between each one) I had alcohol (just one drink, but I don't often drink - I'm careful to avoid alcohol with hidden gluten sources) and not the healthiest meal - more fat and sugar than typical. Just trying to figure out "why now?"

A bit about this in case it is helpful: an allergist diagnosed me based on the rash, which I had covering my body for four months at that time, having failed to see any response from topical or injected steroids, or any other itch relief medication.  The rash goes from small pimple looking bumps, to larger bumps, some with fluid at the top. It is always symmetrical, insanely itchy and keeps me awake at night.  I have a gluten free house and am careful when I eat out, though I know I've been cross contaminated at times, with the symptoms ranging from nothing obvious to (most common) being really fatigued for several hours. 

If you have a similar experience or Just some thoughts, I would be most grateful for comments. 

Thank you!


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