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Nickel Allergy

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i had to quit wearing pierced earrings several years ago becuse could not get over infection in ears. My aunt could not wear watch or any jewelry becvuse of rashes, so since she had gallbladder, constipation & pancreas problems when she died i think she & my mother must have been unknown celiac too. :( evie

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I don't have a severe reaction like that to nickel, but I do react. I can't wear any kind of cheap jewelry, it gives me a rash. I also have dyshidrotic eczema on my hands. I can only wear 18k yellow gold for jewelry.

Can I ask what your hands look like with the type of exzema you have? I have had problems with my hands forever it seems. They are always extremely dry and crack and bleed a lot. I hate doing dishes and cleaning with any chemicals as they get worse almost immediately. I have tried countless creams and treatments, but to no avail. My doctor just told me not to wash my hands so often. ;) I'm changing diapers all day long and cleaning up after two dogs and 3 kids and making meals...I'm going to wash my hands a lot. I also can't wear earrings, have had them pierced twice, but got very infected both times despite dedicated cleaning...not the right metal??

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