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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I am glad you have been gluten free that long, sounds like your 'fluttering' may be on the way out. did you ever have it in your feet or lucky enough to have it just that way? Many diseases hae a set way it progresses or decreases but this celiac disease seems to be no respecter of that method. seems...
  3. Sounds like nueropathy... I had it for abut 2 months when I was @ my worst newly diagnosed with celiac disease. I was certainly glad when that was over. It probably depends on how fast your healing happens how long you have it, hope fully yours will be a short time. Diabetics are also prone to have...
  4. Dumping syndrome: I was diagnosed/ it in May by standing in front of a nuclear med machine. I had been having daily (many) diarrhea sessions so Dr. ordered the tests + ultrasound. Tests that I COULD WATCH ON COMPUTER OFF TO MY LEFT SHOWED THE SHINY ITEMS I swallowed in water traveling down thru my...
  5. I am so glad this subject came up!! Have same problem, do rest of you have unusual chills and sweats too? I am so new at this celiac problem,biopsy did not show celiac but have many etc symptoms and am staying on gluten-free diet. My diarhea is better somewhat but am so very weak. With a sore mouth...