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Blood Test Question

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Okay - I've tried to post a new topic & it doesn't seem to show up - so I'm posting it here too...

I got my tTG test results back - they say I'm negative, but I've been gluten free.

She (the doc) only did the tTG because she said the celiac would show up on that one, regardless of my consumption of gluten.

She also reiterated that the rash I have does not look like DH - if I had that it would be in little red clumps (which it was before I went off gluten), and that if I had DH it would be on my elbows.

"Good News!" she said, "It doesn't look like you have celiac."

That doesn't sound so good to me, because if it's not celiac, then I need to figure out what else out there could possibly give me all the symptoms of it - weight gain, distended tummy, excessive gas & bowel activity, extreme fatigue, and major break-outs on my back any time I use shampoo or conditiner with wheat in them.

I guess my questions are 1) do I need to be consuming gluten for the tTG to come back positive, and 2) if I don't have celiac, what the hell IS wrong with me?



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