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Solution For Us Celiacs? Let's Change Wheat/rye/barley!

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Recently, I did some in depth research into the specific part of gluten that causes the Celiac Immune Response. One of the articles I found interesting (among many similar ones):


Scientific research from Dr. Robert P. Anderson, one of the world's leading Celiac researchers based in Australia, says that one string of 17 amino acids derived from gluten in digestion causes the Celiac Disease reaction. Further, he suggested that a future treatment for Celiacs would be to genetically modify wheat to not have that certain part. That means safe wheat to eat. Which one of us wouldn't want compatible gluten in our breads, sandwhiches, cereals, pizzas, etc? I mean this is major earth-shaking groundbreaking news. It should be shouted off the house tops. Safe bread for everyone. Of course it would have to be extensively tested to be safe.


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They've known it was only a short section of the gluten protein for a while (though the study I read two years ago only had it identified down to a 33-mer), but going to GMO wheat has its own repercussions.

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