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Omega 3

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I take fish oil capsules and eat anchovies as well as other fish. I just recently started the anchovies for the omega 3 benefit =now I really like them. Get them at Costco. The only recipe I have is on a salad. Does anyone have any good recipes for them?? They are good for dry eyes, inflamation,etc.

Nini, I used to not like anchovies also. Love them now. :)

There is an anchovy dip they make in the south of france which is delish. I make a bastard form of it: mush up anchovies in a mortar and pestle if you have one, if not then chop and mush as much as poss with a big knife, add very finely chopped onion, garlic and herbs (if liked) and finally dribble on olive oil while mixing and finish up with some lime or lemon to taste, also black pepper. A chopped hard boiled egg can be added or tuna as well as anchovy. You can do it as thick or thin as you like. I dip raw, chopped veggies in it or have it spread on toast or rice cakes with thinly sliced tomatoes on top. Its called Anchoiade.

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.. a combo of Omega 3,6,9 ..-

Thanks Nevadan, I agree with you in principle, although a really strange thing was that when my son was tested before any supplements, he was found to be omega 6 deficient and in low ranges of omega 3.

As he doesn't eat fish, I can only guess that his omegas must have come from being almost vegeterian and/or some molecular/structural difference in absorption of either omegas. I'd say best to test.

The reason why we supplement (3-4 capsules a week only tho) is that he was starved of these fats for a decade of his young life and still needs to build the brain. And, after all, they are essential fats.

But what really gets me is that many nutritionists are recommending mega-doses of omegas believing that intake = absorption, without looking at malabsorption. This goes for many of those disorders that we here know have a clear link to celiac/gluten sensitivity and malabsorption. Some people say that they get D after taking omegas, which points to malabsorption.

I will look out for the book you mention.

And - oils do need to be taken after the meal, not before, this is to do with the order of digestion solids and liquids (this was an answer to another poster).

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