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Update: My Latest Symptoms

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Hi everyone,

So, in the interest of being concise, here are my latest symptoms:

1. I woke up feeling awful this morning, and had a bout of diarreah-the usual floating, smelly kind..ugh...

2. Wierdly, I usually feel worse after a bout of that than not...took a Tums, had some Saltines, and some soup for lunch...not much help. After lunch, had a very small amount of diarreah...

3. Felt yucky all day...Fatigue, "brain fog," I feel like my digestive tract is always "spastic"-can't seem to relax.

4. Had chips and spinach dip for supper, with water and green tea, and feel even more horrible now. Slight headache, even worse fatigue. I feel like I could sleep 12 hours straight. My digestive system feels like there is still something bothering it, though I currently don't have a diarreah urge...

Did anyone else go through these symptoms? I suffer them almost on a daily basis. I think the fatigue is probably the worst part for me...I'm only 29 but I feel so old and tired...I have no energy.

As a sidenote, I will say that, at times, my thyroid levels have been in the higher range of normal. I know this can "throw your whole system off.' Well, I got a thyroid test done, and it came back squarely normal: At 0.57. But I know my thyroid can sometimes spike slightly high when I'm under a lot of stress. Is it possible to have a slightly "off" thyroid (in my case, an overactive thyroid) even when the test comes back in the normal range?

In any case, I'm going to schedule a doctor's appointment to get food allergy test done as well as the celiac blood panel...this suffering is driving me crazy...

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