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I've just started out in this forum - Blood tests are being done this week for Coeliac - Thank the Lord for the internet - otherwise I would still be go crazy with the horrible rash I've suffered with for about 9 mos. I'm sure everyone has their own horror stories.. but I actually had a dermatologist tell me it was excema and I had to learn to live with it. "sorry" he said. "Use this soap and only one shower a day" "It's dry skin - you're probably bathing too much" WHAT! Not good enough for me. Another Derm. office gave me prednisone which knocked it out for awhile - suspecting "nerves" - told me to take some time for myself while we were trying to see if it were a medical issue - biopsy came back with possible Lupus (blood tested-neg.) again - no real answers... then I found a site that described my rash perfectly - I have been gluten-free for 1 1/2 weeks and the rash is gone... almost no itching!! swelling has gone down in my body ( I was just so puffy!) no gas - no bloating - I just plain feel better! Everyone was looking at the symptoms and checking for possibles... Hepatitis, Hashimotos (my thyroid levels are a little off), one blood test and scare after another. Now i'm seeing that possibly my mood swings might be caused by this gluten intolerance! I've had this rash in a mild manner all my life (only on my hands and feet- and only occasional) I remember as a child a itchy rash on the tops of my feet - but of course it was always excema... !!!!! Obviously this is why my iron levels have been low for years.

Well - thanks for listening... I'm going to read more and try to absorb some knowledge. It looks like I'm joining your "club"!!

Gluten free since June 2007
symptoms relieved: thyroid condition, high cholesterol, rash, gut pain, joint pain, mood swings, migraines, chronic fatigue, facial acne, canker sores, hair loss

soy free since 2010 - menopausal  symptoms are nonexistent / facial acne culprit revealed

dairy free since May 2013 - less "puffy" - suspecting that I may be able to lose weight easier without the inflammation from the dairy.


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