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Absolut Cirtron Vodka?

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I just bought a bottle of Absolut Citron, which contains citrus fruits, and now I'm curious because I've read that some of their "flavored" products are not recommeded for people with gluten problems. I do not know if Citron is one that is not recommeded. It certainly doesn't seem that oranges, grapefruits, etc., would be harmful, and I can't see why gluten would be in it, or even a cross-contamination factor. They have been reported to say, "

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    The biopsy would need to come from your small intestine. That's where the damage is done from celiac. But you need to be on a gluten diet for the tests to be accurate. How long have you been on the PPIs? My hubby had severe acid reflux issues ...
    The doctor did 8 biopsy from the top of my throat to the bottom of my stomach....he thought I had H-Hyploi..but I did not. I am beginning to think they are missing my issues. He gave me some pump inhibitors, that's it. I have an appt. with...
    Your doctor would run a blood tests (ask for full celiac panel) and then confirm with endoscopy and biopsy celiac doesn't always show up on endoscopy and sometimes the biopsy is what confirms.